Saturday, 10 November 2012

Update on my Dad's Progress 10th November 2012

Good Morning.

Once again I would like to say a big "Thank You" to everyone who is holding my Dad in their prayers, sending him positive thoughts and healing energies. Words cannot fully express my gratitude - and that of my Mum and my family.

This is a very serious situation and continues to be so, however, the surgeons seemed to be genuinely surprised at the improvement in my Dad's condition, following the operation on Thursday, and I just KNOW it is because of all the help he is getting from our combined prayers, healing and postive thoughts.

(I have always believed in the power of postive 'intentions' and to me, this is further proof that it really can work.)

As I have explained, Dad has an infection in his spine which, because of the mis-diagnosis by different doctors over several days, was not treated as early as it should have been. He has had 'cord compression' which can cause permanent damage to his spinal cord and the day before the operation he could not move his arms and legs...

The surgeon explained that they had to remove an infected disc in his neck and drain an abscess, which was pressing against his spinal cord. The infection is still present in his spine, I believe, but being treated and he will be on antibiotics for a very long time, for months, we were told.

A lot of what we were told was complicated and we know he's still not out of the woods be any means - but we were extremely relieved to see that he was able to move his arms and legs yesterday! A very encouraging sign!

My Dad is a fighter and with your help, I know he can fight this. He has always been a very fit and healthy man. At the age of 77 he goes swimming 3 times a week - swimming 50 lengths at a time! He is a skeptical, hunter-gatherer 'type' (we often don't see eye-to-eye, as I am a spiritual, peace-loving vegetarian 'type'! lol but I love him to bits!).

He walks miles, (goes 'beating' in the woods with a local shoot), he works in the garden, carves wood, makes sticks and staffs, and is always starting new projects (calls himself a 'wood-butcher')... He has always been a quick healer and rarely ever had to take painkillers.

My Mum, on the other hand, has had chronic lower back problems for almost 50 years, has suffered from 'slipped discs', had to have traction, wear steel corsets and plaster corsets, and had a major back operation many years ago - and has lived with constant pain and discomfort for all that time. All of the worry, stress and strain of the past 10 days is really starting to take it's toll on Mum and I am increasingly worried about her too now. Especially as we don't know what the future holds yet...

We can only take one day at a time and with your continuing help, I have every faith that Dad has the best chance of a good recovery.

This is a photo of my Mum and Dad taken a few years ago.


Mum and Dad have been married for almost 54 years, they're not used to being apart, which makes the situation even more difficult for both of them, and the hospital is not local... so please keep my Dad (Tom Day) and my Mum (Chris Day) in your prayers for a while longer if you can?

(Any healers, please focus your thoughts and intentions on clearing the infection in Dad's spine, which I believe is what they are most concerned about at the moment.... Thanks.)

Once again - you all have my eternal gratitude. Thank you so, so much!

With love and blessings,