A Glastonbury Tale

In*Sync Revisited!

(Please Note: This text has been copied from my original article, written in 'In*Sync' - under the "What a Coincidence!" section - issue no:12 - 1998, when I was living in France.)
On day 3 at Glastonbury we decided to visit Glastonbury Abbey in the morning (we being me, Mum, my Godmother Ann and our friend Deb). We were staying at a B&B in the High Street - so it was nice and close to all the shops and everything! As we made our way to the Abbey we were window shopping too... 

We had to go past a shop that I'd seen on the very first evening - but it had just been closing on that occasion so I had not been able to go in. The following day we'd gone to the Tor and the Chalice Well so I hadn't had the chance then either... the reason I felt a very strong urge to visit this shop was because of it's name... the shop is called ... "THE CRYSTAL STAR"!! 

So, on the way to the Abbey I said to the others "can we go in there now please?" to which they replied "NO! We'll go in afterwards!!" I was fast running out of money, so I wanted to take my time looking around the shop and not rush anything, so I agreed to look in there later.

Me dowsing in Glastonbury Abbey
(Me dowsing in Glastonbury Abbey.)

We went into the Abbey... it is beautiful there. The first thing I noticed were the white doves - at Stonehenge there had been black crows sitting on the stones, but here at the Abbey there were white doves sitting on the walls of the ruins... I had my dowsing rods with me and dowsed the grounds - finding a ley running right up the middle of the abbey (through King Arthur's tomb and the altar), with others crossing it at the tomb and altar I believe... 

Me by King Arthur's tomb.
Me by King Arthur's tomb, with the Tor in the distance...
(Some people have seen my dragon behind me in this photo - although I confess I haven't.)

It was very peaceful. We all sat quietly at the far end - lost in our thoughts. I turned to my Mum, to say how peaceful it was there, and found that she was crying... she'd become overcome with great sadness and was crying for my brother, who, as you know, we lost last year. The place seemed to bring about a release for her, bringing all her emotions to the surface. After a while of comforting my Mum, we moved to another area of the grounds and she began to feel a bit better again.

We continued on with our visit - at the end we went into the museum. When we'd seen enough we went to the exit, wanting to go into the Abbey shop just outside. As we stepped through the exit door, we were met with the sight of a man and a little girl looking down at the step in front of the door. There in the middle of the step was a little bird, laying on it's back... apparently it had, just moments before, flown into the glass and dropped like a stone to the ground. It looked so beautiful and very peaceful.

I couldn't bear the thought of the bird just being left there and bent down to pick it up. The little girl said "maybe it is still alive?" but as soon as I picked it up I could see that it had broken it's neck. It was still warm, but I was sure it was dead. The others said why didn't I sit with the bird a little while just in case, while they went into the Abbey shop, so I did.

I sat down cradling the bird in my hands for a while, but I could not sense any 'spark' of life, I knew it was dead. I looked at the bird, it was so beautiful, and said a few words, wishing it well on it's journey to a better place, and then looked around and seeing a rose bush, I decided to lay the bird beneath it.

A little later we went for a coffee and some cake and then I said to the others "I am going to the Crystal Star NOW!!" so off we went! I walked into the shop and immediately saw a boxed set called "The Crystal Wisdom Kit" (it says on the box "cast the crystals for healing, insight and divination") so I picked it up thinking "this is for me!"

Next I went over to the bookshelves and immediately a book caught my eye! I gasped and reached for the book, but at that moment the man in the shop came up to me, pointing out a book about crystals, recommending it to me. I politely told him that I didn't need a book on crystals as I had bought one the day before and also that I'd just found out that Mum had bought me Melody's book (the latest updated version!) for my birthday in July (aren't I a lucky girl??!!!).

He moved away... again I reached for the book which had caught my eye, but again the shopkeeper approached me, this time with another book, called "Conversations with God", saying that it was a very good book. I read the back and indeed it did look very interesting - and if I'd had more money I would have bought it in addition to the other things, but I only had enough for one book - and the book on the shelf was calling me!

Finally I picked up the book - the reason that it had caught my eye was that there, on the front cover, was a picture of a hand, a little bird and a rose!!! In addition to the synchronicity of me having just been holding a little bird in my hand, and having placed it under a rose bush, was the realisation that this book, called "The Gentle Brother", said in the corner "White Eagle's words to all on the spiritual path". This is a book of White Eagles teachings... which is very significant to me indeed!!!

Well, I knew which book I had to buy! Yet I felt obliged to explain to the shop-keeper why I wasn't going to buy the one he recommended to me. So I told him about the bird and the rose and White eagle... I also told him about 'Crystal Star Woman' and about my house and the Ley lines etc.!! He looked amazed and interested, and asked if he could take my name and address, and email address too - which I was pleased to give him. It turns out that he is a member of the White Eagle Lodge... As I left he gave me a rose quartz as "a gift to a special lady with a special destiny" - which I thought was really lovely of him...

Mum and the others couldn't believe it when I showed them the book and told them all about it! 

KAZ* Crystal Star Woman

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