Joseph the Healing Tree

In*Sync Revisited!

(Please Note: This text has been copied from my original article, written in 'In*Sync' - Issue no:16 - Spring 1999, when I was living in France.)

Joseph the Healing Tree

In my garden I have a wonderful Horse Chestnut Tree. He is magnificent – very tall and very wide and oh so handsome! He was one of the main reasons that I was so attracted to this house the first time I saw it. Sometime last year I tried to connect with my tree and ask him his name; the first name that popped into my head was Joseph and I thought to myself "that can’t be right!" but the name stuck and no other came to me, so Joseph he is.


In the springtime this year (1999) I began to feel the need to go outside and start hugging my tree again… I used to go out and spend time with him quite a lot, but the last year or so I spent less and less time in the garden, and more and more at the computer! Anyway, I felt compelled to decorate Joseph and hang more chimes from his branches, and so I began tying lots of turquoise ribbons to his branches (for peace) and hanging crystals and ornaments from his branches too. Then it suddenly came to me that he wants to be a healing tree - and that I am to tie prayer ties in his branches also... This I began to do immediately for friends and family who needed healing.


I have not made 'traditional' prayer ties, they are more like prayer pouches! I just felt guided to make them this way... So far I have used a beautiful pale blue silky fabric for all of them. I cut out a small square of material and sew around the edges in a running stitch so that I can draw it up into a tiny pouch. I write onto a tiny piece of paper the person's name and their illness, prayer or request. I include some Reiki symbols too. I put the paper into the little pouch and add 2 or 3 tiny little pieces of crystal - like Amethyst, Quartz, Aventurine etc. (whatever feels right for each particular person) and also a few grains of salt for cleansing and protecting. I then tie this off 7 times, before attaching it to some nylon thread – sometimes adding a little bead for decoration. I Reiki the pouches before hanging them into the tree - asking Joseph to continue to send healing out to these people... I think this is a great way to send absent healing - by sharing Reiki with Joseph. Some people use a teddy bear, a Reiki bowl, or book with the list of names in – instead of that (or as well as) I can hug Joseph!!


Joseph is not a 'whole' tree, from the side view he is deformed, only half a tree - before we moved into the house the people next door cut a whole bough from him, instead of just cutting a few of his branches which overhung their roof. When I arrived sometime later and saw what had happened I cried and cried... I gave him a lot of healing and apologised for all the suffering this must have caused him. It is now several years later and he has begun to grow branches on the side where his bough was amputated. So he does know what it is like to suffer and feel pain - which is one reason why he is so happy to be a healing tree now!!!

My friend and Reiki Master, Jeanne, has since told me that she believes that my personal Reiki Guide may be Joseph, the tree spirit, who is an old friend and who has taken the shape of the tree for me to be able to be familiar with him... The strange thing is that I’d had a message, via email, just a few before all this happened, out of the blue, from my dear friend Grizzly Bear (Jeff Woods), who told me that he felt my tree was trying to contact me and had a message for me, and that I should go outside and meditate with him. At that time I had not met my Jeanne, had no idea that I was about to get my Reiki II attunement (enabling me to do distant healing), nor had I thought about hanging prayer ties in the tree... Isn't it wonderful how everything works out!!!

Well, since all this happened I have also formed a Distant Healing Circle on the internet. I have some wonderful healers helping out (and would always welcome more volunteers) into Joseph’s Healing Circle. As some people know, I have long held the belief that healing could be sent out along the 8 Ley Lines which cross at the threshold of my house, below the 5 pointed Star, to help heal the land - the sites of past atrocities and massacres which have occurred all through the history of this country (France). Working on the ‘Fountain International’ principle of sending healing energy to a Focal Point, or Hara, these healers visualise the star above my door when sending healing… the healing energy is then sent out along the ley lines where it is directed to be used to the highest good. Joseph stands on one of the ley lines, so any healing energy sent to the Star, also goes to him and to the people whose prayer ties hand from his branches! Neat eh??!!!

We are also able to share the names and details of the healing requests which come our way within the Healing Circle. If you are a healer and would like to join this healing circle please contact me (email: if you don't want to join the circle but would like to send healing energies to help, please visualise the Star and send healing whenever you wish. Thanks.

If you have any healing requests please don’t hesitate to send me an email.

Love and healing tree hugs KAZ ~Elestrial~ Crystal Star Woman