Another Glastonbury Tale...

In*Sync Revisited!

(Please Note: This text has been copied from my original article, written in 'In*Sync' - Issue no:13 - 1998, when I was living in France.)
This is about the day that we went to visit Glastonbury Tor. It is very steep and so Mum, unfortunately, could not manage the climb up, she waited at the bottom for us. I climbed up with my Godmother, Ann, and my friend Debbie. It was VERY steep at the bottom half of the climb. We had to pause for a while, about half way up, and then the top half wasn't quite so bad... but all-in-all the climb did nearly kill me!!!! 

My Godmother, Ann, before we started the climb
(This is my Godmother, Ann, before we started the climb up the Tor.)

I sat down in the tower for a breather for a few minutes and then went outside - it is truly amazing up there. It was a very windy day and the power of the elements was awe-inspiring. The 'feeling' of the place was incredible... and the view.. well, it took your breath away (again, and just when you'd recovered from the climb!)


Debbie, Ann and I wondered off in our own little worlds. Then I noticed two women who seemed quite emotional, they were hugging each other and near to tears. I had to speak to them and so (being the shy person I am) I went up to them and asked if they were on a spiritual journey! Now, you must realise that not everyone who goes up the Tor are into "stuff" - some are quite "normal" human beings (only into "geography"!).

The women turned round to me and one spoke first. Well, I couldn't believe it because she had the same voice as my dear American friend, Sheri*!! She sounded exactly like her. It turned out that they were part of a group of 13 Americans, on a spiritual tour of Great Britain - they said they were doing the "sacred triangle"... Iona, Findhorn and the Glastonbury area (they had visited Stonehenge and Avebury too). 

The lovely woman, with Sheri's voice, told me her name and it sounded like "Neechi" I have no idea how to spell it! She said she was from North Carolina and follows a Native American path - Lakota - she hugged me for quite a while and wished me peace. I told her I would have to be leaving the Tor soon, as I had arranged to meet my friend, Grizzly Bear, at the Chalice Well... She laughed saying that her totem is the Grizzly! Then we parted to do our own "thing". (I saw her doing a small ceremony to the four directions...)

A little while later I heard someone call out "Kaz!" and it was the other woman who'd been with Neechi. She asked if I would like to join in with a ceremony that they were about to perform. She said that, as I was alone, she thought I might like to join them. I told her that I was actually with Debbie (Ann had already gone back to be with my Mum) and so she was invited to join in too. In fact it turned out that 2 of their group had not been able to make it up to the top of the Tor and so having the two of us join in was wonderful - as it brought their number up to 13 again and would keep the energies the same as they'd been at the other places where they'd done ceremonies... ("What a "Coincidence'! We were obviously meant to meet up with them!)

We all linked hands, standing in a circle, and Debbie and I were introduced to the group and welcomed in. We were led in a brief earth-healing meditation and then we did some toning to the four directions, four times each - I'd never done anything like this before, it was amazing! (By this time we had quite a large "audience" watching us, wondering what on earth we were up to... I did feel slightly embarrassed, but was enjoying it all immensely!) After the toning they sang a song as we walked around in a circle... it was a great experience... 

Afterwards we hugged everyone and wished them well before leaving. My last hug was with Neechi and was very special - she placed her hand on my heart and wished me peace, calling me her sister.

Debbie and I were quite excited as we climbed back down the Tor and joined Mum and Ann. When we told them what had happened they were amazed!

KAZ* Crystal Star Woman

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