'Stuff' Happened...Strange Sensations.

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(Please Note: This text has been copied from my original article, which written in 'In*Sync' - Issue no: 4 - April/May 1997 - when I was living in France.)

'Stuff' Happened... Strange Sensations.

Something strange happened to me in December (1996) which has led me to start in a new direction along my "path" and not a direction I ever really thought I'd follow, although I had been given a message, via a medium, telling me that I would! Confused? I'll start at the beginning.

On the 2nd of December, at lunch time, I was sitting with a tray on my lap, eating my lunch whilst watching the TV when I became aware of a strange sensation in the palm of my left hand, a sort of tingle, a sort of an itch, almost pins and needles. I scratched it and rubbed it, but it wouldn't stop. It was very noticeable all day long and during the afternoon it was as though I was kept being made aware of it whilst doing my housework etc. It was odd, but fascinating.

I tried doing a few experiments. I held up my hands, palms facing, a few inches (or should that be centimetres?!) apart, feeling the energies between them. I could feel the energy much stronger than I ever had before. I held my fingertips together and pulled them slowly apart, looking to see the energy (as in "The Celestine Prophecy") and could easily see, almost sparks coming from my fingers! I tried holding my left hand above some crystals, to try to sense their energies - I couldn't get over how strongly I could feel them!

quartz point

I phoned my friend Jennifer about it and she thought that, as I had been following a very strict anti-Candida diet for a couple of months, it might be something to do with my own energies coming back properly, after suffering with the Candida for a long while and having now virtually cleared the problem. The next morning, when I woke up, I was aware that the sensation was still there and I was pleased!

My friends, Michele and Jennifer, came for the day and they could both feel heat and energy coming from my hand. We did a meditation that afternoon. Jennifer led us into it, "took us" to a temple, where we could "go off on our own" for a while. I'm was (and still am really) very new to meditation and I'm not very good at it (I can't seem to stop my mind chattering away!) but during this one, as I started to think "I hope something happens", I suddenly "saw" myself sitting on a horse behind the Native American guide that I've been told is with me. The horse we were riding was a dark colour, almost black.


We were riding across a huge open plain, the sky was blue, the sun shining, there were hawks circling high above us. It was truly beautiful.

Big Hawk

Next, I was riding a white horse, alongside the Native American guide, who was now riding a magnificent golden horse with a paler mane and tail. (Later, I was riding a Pinto!) We were riding in a canyon and my guide was showing me the beauty and the wonder of nature, the ancient rocks and stones, the plants and trees, etc. Then he pointed out to me an eagle sitting on an outcrop of rocks, further on - a rattlesnake, and finally a bear.

Grizzly Bear

After this it was night time and we were riding on the open plain again. The sky was immense and filled with bright stars. My guide pointed out Sirius to me. Then he took me back to the temple were we'd started out from. He held his right palm against my left palm - which vibrated and pulsed. I asked what was happening with my hand. He laughed quietly, smiled (his face full of love), but he didn't answer me. Then I asked who he was, he laughed again, teasing me, as if to say "It's up to you to find out!" Then he rode away, waving to me. It was a very interesting experience...

Anyway, I continued to be aware of the sensation in my hand over the next few days and about a week later I woke up with my left hand driving me crazy! I could really feel the sensations in my palm very strongly. I asked my daughter, Aimee, if she could feel anything, holding my palm facing hers. She was most surprised that she could feel the energy coming from it! We tried an experiment. I stood at the side of her, with my left hand behind her head, about 6 - 8" away and my right hand the same distance in front of her, opposite my left. I then slowly moved my hands down, seeing if I could "feel" her aura. When my left hand was opposite her lower back the sensations in my hand grew very strong, I felt what was almost like a small electric shock; at the same moment she yelped, accusing me of touching her back - I hadn't! It was very strange. Her lower back often gives her pain and she can't bare anyone touching her there, she's very funny about it. Each time my hand was opposite this area she could really feel a pressure (as though I was pressing my hand on to her back) and I could feel a very strong sensation, almost a pain, in my hand.

The next day I took my Aunt Angela (who also lives in France now) shopping, then we came back to my house for lunch. I told her about the strange sensations I'd been having in my hand and about "sensing" Aimee's back pain, telling her that I wished I could find out what it was all about. She said to me "I wish you could heal my hand!" (She suffers from arthritis, particularly badly in her thumb joint. She cannot bear to touch the area, if she knocks it against anything it is agony, she can't pick things up and often drops things if she tries to.) I told her that I would like to have a go, but that I didn't know what I was supposed to do. I didn't know anything about spiritual healing, hands-on healing, or whatever you want to call it.

I sat down next to her, she held out her hand and I held my left hand a few inches above it, and my right hand a few inches below. I concentrated to get the energy flowing, and within seconds she said she could feel warmth coming from my hands. She said it was getting warmer and pulsing; I could feel it really strongly too. After a couple of minutes I 'threw away' the bad energies (!) then carried on. After no more than 4 - 5 minutes I got a sort of electric shock and Angela said "Stop!" She started to move her thumb around and around in a circle saying "Look at this!" She couldn't believe that she was moving her thumb and said that she hadn't been able to move her thumb like that for three years! We couldn't believe it... I also gave her some healing on her shoulders and neck. When I took her home she was able to carry some bags with her bad hand! The next day I was taking her to Saintes as she was taking the coach back to England, to spend Christmas with her family. When I went to pick her up she was carrying her suitcase with her "bad" hand! Also, her neck and shoulders were not giving her any pain either. I still found it hard to believe that it had worked, and so dramatically.

Before heading home I popped into a supermarket at Saintes. There was a stall set up selling gemstone jewellery. I spotted some beautiful amethyst and aventurine pendulums. I tried them all out, felt their energies etc. and liked all of them but was particularly drawn to a large Aventurine pendulum. I thought it would be good because I think of green as being a healing colour and I am usually attracted to green stones anyway. When I got home I looked up Aventurine in my gem books and found that it is good for healing, especially migraines. My daughter Aimee suffers a lot with migraine.


It wasn't long before I had a chance to try out the pendulum and the healing again. Aimee had a nasty migraine start up one evening. Normally she starts to really panic, because she dreads them so much, she feels sick too. She takes some soluble pain killers (because she can't swallow pills) and goes off to bed in a darkened room, usually she takes ages to calm down and eventually sleeps fitfully, only to wake up in the morning and quite often get a second, "follow up" migraine - like an after shock. This time, as soon as she was in bed, I sat by her, held my left hand above her forehead and my right above her crown. I sent the energy into her for about three minutes and then held the pendulum over her forehead (brow chakra), getting it to go in a clockwise direction until the swing was quite large. Within less than 10 minutes of getting in to bed - she was fast asleep! She woke up in the morning, after a good nights sleep, feeling fine and had no "follow up" migraine.

I have since had a chance to do other small healings and sometimes the person can feel the energy, or a warmth, or heat, sometimes they feel a tingling and sometimes they don't feel anything at all. Usually the effect is not immediate (or dramatic as with my Aunt's healing) but often the person wakes up the next day feeling as though they've had a rigorous massage (although I didn't actually touch them at all) and find that, as the day goes on, their pain has gone. Of course, sometimes it doesn't seem to work at all, I don't think it is always possible to heal everyone, your energies aren't always compatible with theirs, but the main thing is that it can't do any harm to give it a try - and if it does help, it's wonderful!

I think that healing my Aunt happened "dramatically" to show me that this was the way forward for me. That I can be a "channel" for healing energies. I feel that I have been given a gift and that this gift should be shared and used to help anybody that wants, or needs it. I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to do this. I never thought that I could be any kind of a healer because, unlike some of my closest friends, I didn't feel drawn to doing Aromatherapy massage or Kinesiology, because I don't like getting my hands oily (!!) and I don't like massaging people anyway. Also I haven't got the dedication needed to learn all you need to know about the body, bone structure, muscle groups etc. or about all the various oils and their properties - these are very specialist subjects and not to be gone into lightly, I very much admire the people who train so thoroughly to do this, to give the treatment so needed, and enjoyed, by their patients.

I have been given this gift to use in a way that I can do it. I don't "go by the book", indeed I was "told" not to, and I don't do it how other people say I should, because it is how they do it. I do what feels right and comfortable to me and I have faith in my guides to help me and to lead me in the right direction. I have now started to try sending absent healing, and I hope that it will be successful. I am very much learning as I go along...

I wanted to share this experience with you, because I am sure there are some of you, out there, who might have had similar experiences, or even just wondered how people get into healing. I want you to know that it is possible for it to happen to ordinary people like me and you. Sometimes you hear that would-be healers are told they must work with an experienced healer for "X" amount of time, before they are allowed to have a go themselves, and that it is very presumptuous to think that you may be able to just go ahead and do it. I don't think that's right - it makes it all seem very elitist, just for the "chosen few". Obviously, if you want, or need, to get qualifications then you may have to follow this route. However, if you feel that you can be of help to people and want to give your healing freely to family and friends - what is stopping you? (I am talking about "spiritual healing" and not the various, very important, complimentary therapies that you should definitely be thoroughly trained in, and qualified to practise - before treating anyone.)

I would love to hear your opinions on the subject, which may differ greatly to mine! Or perhaps you would like to share with us how you got started on a healing path?

Kaz* Crystal Star Woman

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