Monday, 18 May 2015

Divination Cards - for the Week beginning Monday 18th May 2015


Just flying in with your cards for the week beginning Monday 18th May!

However, I also thought you might want to read up about this Mercury Retrograde period which, in case you didn't realise, starts today and ends June 11th!

There are loads of articles on the internet, but here's one I picked at random - which also has relevant info for each of the star signs:

I don't usually have a very easy retrograde - and I've been feeling the effects already - with problems with my internet connection for the past week...

So hang on to your hats, we're probably in for a bumpy ride, but we'll get through it!

Good luck everyone!

Please find your card and message for the week ahead below, and whatever your star sign - have a great week :)

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the beautiful 

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards

by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Quoted from the pack: "The Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards are specifically designed to help you manifest your goals, life purpose, and Divinely inspired dreams. These 44 beautifully illustrated cards can help you swim into the ocean of your unconscious mind, where profound thoughts and feelings can create - or block - your heart's desire. The cards are easy to use, and the enclosed guidebook will help you perform amazingly accurate readings for yourself and others."

Here are your messages and insights for this week. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...

* * * * * * *



It's time to look at other possibilities. It's a good time to make changes.

Divinatory meaning: Sometimes we think, This is the way it is, and we don’t see other options. By drawing this card, Heaven now asks you to question any situation that you think can’t be changed.
Take a moment and pretend that a magical mermaid has granted you three wishes. You can have anything you want! What will you wish for? The truth is that most anything you desire is possible, and this card asks you to explore your options. At first, you might do so mentally - through daydreams and night time dreams.
Then it’s important to turn those possibilities into realities by breaking them into small goals that you can accomplish today. When you explore new opportunities, the energy of the Universe begins flowing in the direction of your dreams. Any step that you take - no matter how small - will help you see options that you may never have noticed before.

* * * * * * *



You’ve been working hard. Take a nap and get some rest.

Divinatory meaning: This card asks you to slow down, rest, and be very gentle with yourself right now. Can you cancel your appointments today (or for part of the day) and take a nap? By drawing this card, you’re urged to let go of unnecessary activities, and to focus on self-renewal.

Give yourself a hug, look in the mirror, and say, “I love you. I promise to treat you with the respect and care that you deserve. You’re wonderful!”

No rushing or time urgency is allowed today! This is a day of sweet kindness, where you treat yourself as gently as a baby cradled in your arms.

* * * * * * *



Someone wants to help you. Think of whom that might be, and initiate contact.

Divinatory meaning: There's a person who can help you reach your desired outcome. You've probably already thought of whom this person might be. Or it could be a new person coming into your life whom you'll soon meet.

Be open to receiving help from others. Strong people learn the importance of delegating and working as a team, and this may a time for you to learn these vital life lessons. So, be sure to voice your needs and ask for assistance. With the help of others, you may be able to manifest your Divine purpose and desires.

* * * * * * *



Let go of old guilt, and remember that you're God's perfect child!

You’ve been very hard on yourself lately, using harsh words towards yourself verbally or mentally. While it’s healthy to hold yourself up to high standards, this card says you’ve bordered on self-abuse! Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s normal to feel regret occasionally. What’s important, though, is how you handle these mistakes.

As you focus on your positive attributes, your self-esteem will increase and your stress level will be diminished. Remember that guilt is the opposite of love. Your guilt doesn’t help anyone or anything, but your Divine love helps everyone, everywhere!

Affirm: “I ask that all effects of my mistakes be undone in all directions of time, and I now release all guilt completely. I love my true self, from top to bottom.”

* * * * * * *



Surround yourself with positive people and situations, and avoid negativity.

Divinatory meaning: Your manifestation work is going wonderfully well. By drawing this card, you’re encouraged to take the process to an even higher level by going on a “negativity diet.” This means avoiding negative influences as much as possible. Avoid negative discussions with yourself or others. Turn off television and radio programs with negative themes, and stay away from violent movies. Don’t read pessimistic headlines, and steer clear of gossip-based magazines. This negativity diet will cleanse you of any hidden blocks that could slow down the manifestation of your dreams - or prevent them from coming true at all.

Another thing you can do is to apply Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, to your physical environs, which will help enhance the positive energy in all of your surroundings. You’re also asked to donate or sell items that are cluttering up your home. This helps you bring in new energy and opportunity, and will also establish an environment that promotes creativity, health and abundance.

* * * * * * *



You're a born entrepreneur, and your business is surrounded by magical opportunities.

Full meaning: You have the drive, discipline, and desire to be your own boss. This card also shows that you have the magical ingredients for a successful business. Heaven wants you to know that you’re fully supported spiritually. As long as you stay enthusiastic, new opportunities will come to you. Your positive energy attracts customers, clients and contracts.

If you’re in the process of opening a new business, now is the time to do spiritual work (praying, meditating, visualizing, and affirming); to conduct research about your business, and to work on yourself (by eating healthfully, getting sufficient sleep, and exercising regularly). These multiple layers of action will propel you to miraculous business opportunities.

* * * * * * *



Now is the perfect moment to dive in and embrace your heart's desire.

Divinatory meaning: Even though you may not feel entirely ready, this card says that there's no better time than the present to dive into your future. You're advised to take both big and small steps to move in the direction of your dreams.

Push aside everything unrelated to your life's mission. Adjust your schedule so that the bulk of your time relates to your priorities and goals. Delegate tasks to other people, or hire someone to assist you. Your responsibilities will still be met, you'll be happier, you'll enjoy greater self-esteem, and you'll attract more abundance in the long run - if you jump in and follow your heart.

* * * * * * *



The dolphins know the importance of playing, as joy creates miracles and manifestation.

Divinatory meaning: This card indicates that you’ve been straining and working too hard, and that you’ve lost your original focus. You’re striving more out of habit than out of a clear direction. The dolphins ask you to stop, and divert your attention through silliness and non-competitive play. Any kind of playfulness will shake up your ruts and routines, and allow you to regain perspective on what is important and what is not.

Playing is a magical form of meditation, ass it opens your heart chakra and allows your creative spirit to tap into Divine wisdom. If your playfulness involves outdoor physical activity, the extra oxygen will also spark new ideas for you.

* * * * * * *



Spend time alone, meditating upon what you truly desire
Full meaning: This card indicates that you need some alone time. Make a firm appointment to be by yourself in a quiet place (ideally, outside in nature or near some plants) without delay. Make sure that you'll be uninterrupted for at least one hour. Take a pad of paper and a pen with you.

Then, spend some time simply breathing, relaxing, and centering yourself. After you're completely relaxed, write down this question to your subconscious mind on your pad of paper: "What do I want to do next?" Write whatever comes to you in response, without worrying whether it's 'correct' or not. Then ask your subconscious: "What's my heart's true desire right now?" Write down the answer. Spend time noting your true priorities so that you'll know how to structure your free time to match what's important to you.

* * * * * * *



You, your loved ones, and your possessions are safe and protected by Heaven!

Divinatory meaning: Your prayers, which as for safety and protection, have been heard and answered. Any attacks or threats are now a thing of the past, washed away with the tide of Heavenly love. This love is clearing away your insecurities so that you can feel totally secure.

When you ask Heaven to watch over you, your loved ones, your home, and your possessions, your prayers are instantly answered. There’s no hesitation or delay on Heaven’s part - it’s done as soon as you ask!

Your energies can now be directed in meaningful and creative ways, with your mind clear of worries. Enjoy your day!

* * * * * * *



It’s important to only think about what you desire, not what you fear.

Divinatory meaning:

By drawing this card, you’re alerted to the extra importance of monitoring your thoughts. You have no neutral thoughts, and every one of them creates an effect in your life. So you’re being asked to be vigilant in holding only positive thoughts.

Most of us slip into negativity occasionally, and you may be no exception. However, you can ‘undo’ the effects of negative thinking by recognizing them and stating, “I now cancel that thought, and replace it with the following positive affirmation of my true Divine desires.” Then list the situations and attributes that mirror your godliness and goddessliness. During this important part of your life, you have the power to manifest your highest potential at the most rapid rate possible.

* * * * * * *



More information is needed. Contact someone with expertise in this area.

Divinatory meaning: You are venturing into an area where other people could assist you by offering you new ideas and information, as well as the benefit of their experience. To attract the right expert to help you, affirm; "A helpful, knowledgeable, experienced person with integrity is in my life right now, and this individual will help me with (describe the situation you'd like assistance with). This person comes to me easily and naturally, without delay." When this person appears, know that it's Divinely orchestrated.

Don't hesitate or feel guilty about asking for help. Instead, take notes and give thanks to the person and to Heaven. Remember, it's not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Many of Earth's most wonderful inventions came from team efforts. by working with informed individuals, you also develop the healthy habit of consulting with your celestial guides more consistently.

* * * * * * *