Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Holiday Notification!

Good morning!

Apologies for not doing the Daily Divinations at the moment.

I had a hectic birthday weekend - which was very enjoyable!

Precious magickal moments with all the family.

This is me, on my birthday (Sunday 13th July) with my four children, Aimee, Tommy, Lucy and Katie, and my two grandchildren, Ollie and Gabriella!

I still have Katie here for a few days (which is absolutely wonderful) before she heads back to France.

On top of all the family celebrations, after a month of slow sales online, I have suddenly been inundated with orders for Bagz of Blessingz! For which I am VERY grateful!

However, I was working until after midnight last night, trying to keep up with my orders, and have a feeling that will happen again tonight....

July continues to be a crazy, busy - and stressful - month for me, because I am also preparing for the Eastbourne Lammas Festival on the 26th and 27th July.

I have SUCH a lot to do before then, that I'm afraid that I just wont have time to do the Daily Divinations....

So I have decided to have a 'holiday' from the blog until August, to help reduce the stress a little.

I havent forgotten about you though - so for your astrology/horoscope fix I am going to share Michele Knight's weekly astrology videos!

She is amazing! I always make sure to watch the video for Cancer every week!

(Just click on her photo to go to her website.)

Please visit my Cheeky Witch Facebook Page, as I will still be popping on there most days, in between working and stressing!

Enjoy your July :)

Sending you lots of love and lightbeams, Kaz*