Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Good Morning!

I am just popping in quickly to say I am sorry but I won't be doing the Daily Divinations this week.

Following the long Easter Bank Holiday weekend, including my Mum's lovely birthday celebrations on Sunday, I am trying to catch up with a backlog of orders, so I just haven't the time to do the cards.

On top of that I am still suffering with terrible toothache - which makes it hard to think straight!

I finished the course of antibiotics the dentist prescribed last week and it made no difference.

I am now on stronger painkillers and I went again yesterday, to see the dentist, who is as confused as I am to the actual source of the pain, but has now narrowed it down to 4 possible teeth - including a wisdom tooth!

Dental work is expensive - so I am choosing the cheapest option first and tomorrow I have an appointment to have an old broken filling re-done, as that's where we originally thought the problem is stemming from.

Fingers crossed it will solve the problem and stop the pain, otherwise we are talking about root canals, crowns and caps - and I really cannot afford all that at the moment :(

So, once again - apologies for abandoning my blog this week, but please visit my Cheeky Witch Facebook page, as I share things on there most days, which may be of interest...

Enjoy the rest of your week - hopefully I will be back on Monday with some more Daily Divinations for you!

Brightest Blessings, Kaz