Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Daily Divination Cards - Wednesday 20th November 2013

Good morning!

A bit late starting today because the plumber had to come and do the yearly gas check this morning - then, when I got on the computer, within 10 minutes everything froze up, so I have been sorting that out...

However, all seems okay now, thankfully.

My card for today is all about being grateful and saying "Thank You" - I have so many people in my life to whom I owe my gratitude, so the card is very appropriate, and not just for me, I am sure.

Funnily enough, exactly at the moment I was typing out the meaning of the card, as I was typing the words "Whether it’s the mail carrier who delivers your mail without fail..." my postman delivered my mail!

I love synchronicites like that! He is the best postman ever - I was just discussing that with a friend the other day, after bumping into him while walking Maisie one morning. He always makes sure I get my packages - even if I'm not there when he's doing his deliveries.

Another synchronicity this morning... My boyfriend (sounds silly saying 'boyfriend' at my age but I don't know what other word to use!) rang me earlier to tell me about something that he'd heard on the radio this morning, as he drove to work. He thought it was amazing and that he wanted me to listen to - but I couldn't find it on the website and have had all sorts of delays and interuptions this morning...

Well, Richard just rang me again and directed me to the correct website and I listened to the clip. It is very timely, as this woman's experience was incredible and she has a LOT to be very thankful for - and as it is relevant to the theme of my card, I thought I would share it with you too :)

I cannot embed the clip here, it's from the BBC website, but click here to go to "Pause for Thought: Shoshana Boyd Gelfand on 'Where were you when...?'" It starts about 45 seconds in and is only a couple of minutes long.

What an incredibly lucky woman (her guardian angels must have been with her that day) and what a lovely person her taxi driver was!

Time for me to get on with some work now...

Please find your message for Wednesday below and whatever your star sign - be thankful and have a good day :)

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the  
The Answer Is Simple Oracle Cards
by Sonia Choquette

Quoted from the pack: "These Oracle cards provide immediate access to your divine Spirit, where you receive specific guidance for any and all challenges facing you in life. Each card not only offers direction for particular proplems, it also reinforces the path to your Higher Self, freeing you from the turbulence and fear of the ego plane.

You can use this deck (and the accompanying guide book) for specific direction, meditation, and life and purpose readings and to offer guidance to others; as well as to connect to your Divine Self, where drama and stress give way to joy and inner peace.

My personal card for today:
Say “Thank You” 

Full meaning:

The answer is simple: SAY “THANK YOU”

Have you observed how many people are collaborating for your success at this time? Suspend your fears long enough to notice. Look up and see those who work tirelessly on your behalf. Recognize their quiet love and service that you so depend on to keep you safe, secure and grounded.

Especially acknowledge those who attract no special attention to themselves, content to simply be of help. It may be a partner or significant other, parent or sibling, whom you count on; a mentor or teacher who believes in you; the boss who pushes you to be more creative or effective; or an employee who’s on time day in and day out. Your help help may come from your children who make you laugh or ask you to be strong for them, a neighbour who brightens your day with a smile and a wave, or a friend who spends hours on the phone listening to you complain and sort out your life.

These quiet support people are your bedrocks, yet your ego has been too preoccupied with its own concerns for you to say “Thank you” to all who serve to make your life better. Smile and acknowledge the gifts they bring you. Whether it’s the mail carrier who delivers your mail without fail, the young woman at the coffee shop who makes your cappuccino to perfection, or the competitor wh stimulates your creativity to a higher level, it’s time to recognize those whom you rely on. Notice the quiet grace with which they work to make everythign easier, leaving you free to have peace of mind and Spirit.

Don’t take for granted the gifts of others - their Spirit is gracing yours, so say “Thank you” without hesitation.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:
Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!

Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...

Stick With It 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: STICK WITH IT - As you wake up your Spirit and begin to live in the higher frequency of love, the ego becomes confused and wants to resist. This new energy displaces the ego’s power and renders it impotent so it tries to reverse or arrest the changes. Be aware of your ego’s resistance and stay true to your Spirit anyway. Ignore inner ego dialogue that suggests you’re wasting your time, and thus tries to discourage your efforts. Although you may not see instant results, you can feel the change within your cells as you bring more light and love to your being. Stick with your higher intentions and soon you’ll witness the effects in your world.

Thank God 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: THANK GOD - The ego focuses on lack and therefore creates it. The Spirit concentrates on the endless stream of gifts God gives us and thus creates that. This is because the greatest blessing the Divine bestows on us is the ability to create what we focus on. Pay attention to all that God gives and you get more; focus on lack and you get less. Thank God throughout the day and you will be blessed with abundance. Offer gratitude for being alive, for the opportunities at hand, and for your challenges and ability to find solutions. Give thanks for your health, your life, your family, and your friends. Show appreciation for your blessings before they arrive. Your ego can discover how to attract flow and abundance if it joins with your Spirit in giving thanks to God for everything to day.


Quick message:

The answer is simple: CREATE - Right now it’s time to summon your creative Spirit and put it to work. Look beyond current circumstances and use the power within to create new ones. There’s more to your world than the present is offering, and your Spirit is eager to fashion something different. You’re stuck in a rut, and your ego would have you believe that what you see now is all there is. This isn’t true, and it’s time to break free from the drudgery and boredom that the same-old, same-old offers. Once you decide to get creative, your Spirit will assist in the fun. You have nothing to lose but the boredom and dissatisfaction you’re experiencing now.

You are Not Afraid 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: YOU ARE NOT AFRAID - The ego is always in fear, so it becomes a habit to be afraid in life even when you’re not. As you face present conditions, ask yourself, Am I really scared? And if so, then of what? Listen to your Spirit for the answer. Don’t be surprised to discover that you’re not really afraid at all - you’re just in the habit of believing that you should be. Get past the habit of fear and dive into your new adventure with confidence. Stop fearing and start enjoying the fact that you’re not really afraid after all.

Speak with Love 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: SPEAK WITH LOVE - Notice the vibration you’re presently creating with your words. When you allow the ego to speak carelessly, it can stir up the emotional waters of others and set a tsunami of fear into motion. This destructive vibration starts out subtly but builds as it travels and most definitely returns to its source - you - with a vengeance. The spirit, on the other hand, calms the troubled waters of human emotion. It soothes fears with a sweet serenade of support, appreciation, and love. Your spirit is a beautiful source of Divine light and can heal with a few well-directed words of love. It is these messages of Spirit that will turn the present storm of circumstances into a peaceful lake of serenity.

Be Patient 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: BE PATIENT. The physical Universe vibrates at a slower pace than the mental one does. Therefore, although it may appear that your Spirit’s desire is far away at this very moment, this isn’t actually true; rather it’s in the process of coming into realization. Simply be patient and know that the Universe, in cooperation with your beautiful Spirit, is working on your behalf. Trust in divine order and give things more time.

Reach Out 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: REACH OUT - It’s time to open your heart and arms and touch others with your Spirit. Your ego is putting up a defensive shield, having you believe that there are enemy forces out there from which you must be protected and withdraw. Your Spirit, however, knows that there’s no “them” to defend against - there are just “us” beautiful souls needing to be loved… and right now, needing your love. Your Spirit wants you to connect with others now. Unfold your arms, turn toward those around you, and reach out. Your love and healing forces are needed . Trust yourself to make a difference, and connect.
Tell The Truth 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: TELL THE TRUTH - Your ego doesn’t feel safe, so it hides the truth, both from the world and you. This makes life extremely complicated and exhausting, as you know. You can’t feel authentic unless you interrupt the ego and let your Spirit take over. Start by being honest with yourself. Ask the question If I weren't afraid, I would———. then fill in the blank. Do this several times and your truth will come tumbling forth. Really want the truth of your Spirit to come forward. With it will come the power and inspiration to live it.

Say “Yes!” 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: SAY “YES!” - The ego gets fearful and is afraid to commit. It holds back, hesitates, and doesn’t dare be vulnerable. It waits until it’s absolutely sure that it will be safe before it acts. The trouble with this approach is that the ego never feels safe, so it never acts - it only reacts. The Spirit, on the other hand, knows that the minute you hesitate, you miss the moment, because life neverstops, but rather flows - and it’s now inviting you to flow with it. You’re being asked to step into the flow, and you don’t want to miss out. Don’t hesitate - say yes to life and act now.

Fill the Well 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: FILL THE WELL - Your inner light is dim right now. Your body is exhausted, your emotions are overwhelmed, and your mind is working overtime… all of which lock your Spirit out. You may not even know it because your ego prides itself on racing on a treadmill of fear without a break. Yet whether your ego knows it or not, you’re about to run out of fuel. So guess what? It’s time to gas up and receive nurturing. Reach out and ask for love and support from others. The key is allowing others to help restore your balance. This isn’t the time to do it yourself. Your well is dry, and you need the energy of your soul family and friends to revive yourself. To receive nurturing ensures that the light of your Spirit remains bright. This not only helps you… it helps the world to.

Have Fun 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: HAVE FUN - It’s important to keep the inner light of your Spirit shining bright in order to remain uplifted in a dark, negative, ego-based world. The best way to do so is to intentionally surround yourself with things that delight the Spirit in every way. Fuel your inner light with some good old-fashioned fun. Connect with any sounds, scents, tastes, textures, flavours, and friends that amuse your inner child. Step away from drudgery, duty, mindless tasks, and responsibility for one hour - or a day - and do something spontaneous or frivolous. Break from convention and routine, and do something out of the box. The ego disdains frivolity, yet it’s the most direct path to joy. Be frivolous. Lighten up. Have fun. Be silly. It will refuel your light.

Give It to God 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: GIVE IT TO GOD - Our greatest challenge is to rise above our fears and trust in God, our loving Creator, to guide and protect our lives. Your ego would have you believe that it alone is the source of power that guards you, and only it can be trusted. This isn’t accurate and keeps you hostage to it. The Universe has a better plan for you. Although you may not know the plan or see how the Universe will protect you, trust that it will. Your worry is doing you no good, so stop it. Reconnect with your Spirit and trust in God. You can.

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