Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Daily Divination Cards - Wednesday 3rd April 2013

Good morning!

While walking Maisie on the beach earlier, I encountered a very noisy crow sitting on a ridge of shingle 'cawing' nonstop at me! It wasn't frightened and didn't fly away - it was still cawing and looking at me when I left...

Of course I had to look in my copy of Ted Andrew's Animal-Speak when I got home, to read crow's message!


Keynote: The Secret Magic of Creation is Calling 

Cycle of Power: All Day - All Year 

Quote: "Wherever crows are, there is magic. They are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. They remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life. They are messengers calling to us about the creation and magic that is alive within our world everyday and available to us."

The message from Crow in the Medicine Cards Just for Today is:

Crow - Focus on the positive. 

Detach from negativity. See opportunity in every challenge. 


Now let's see what The Answer Is Simple Oracle Cards have to tell us today!

Whatever your star sign - look out for signs and 'messages' and have a magickal day :)

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the
 The Answer Is Simple Oracle Cards

by Sonia Choquette

Quoted from the pack: "These Oracle cards provide immediate access to your divine Spirit, where you receive specific guidance for any and all challenges facing you in life. Each card not only offers direction for particular proplems, it also reinforces the path to your Higher Self, freeing you from the turbulence and fear of the ego plane.

You can use this deck (and the accompanying guide book) for specific direction, meditation, and life and purpose readings and to offer guidance to others; as well as to connect to your Divine Self, where drama and stress give way to joy and inner peace.

My personal card for today

Keep Dancing 

Full meaning:

The answer is simple: KEEP DANCING - Your Spirit is alive and well and making a healing difference in your life. You’re flying high and getting higher. Right now the only thing to focus on is doing what you’re doing. Your spirit is dancing with life, who is a willing partner. You’ll continue to see your success grow, your personal joy expand, and your abundance overflow as long as you keep on dancing with life. Keep your words to a minimum, as your ego might slip in abd try to wrestle your confidence and rhythm away by talking too much.

Continue to take the actions you’re taking, following the promptings of your Spirit. Better yet, turn on the music and actually dance. Let your Spirit shake, rattle, and roll for a few minutes today. Do so again tomorrow. The more you dance, the more fully your Spirit becomes embodied and the more directly it can lead you toward your goal. Keep up the rhythm and flow.


Today's cards for each of the star signs:

Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!
Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...

Put Others First

Quick message:

The answer is simple: PUT OTHERS FIRST - Presently your Spirit is calling you to make choices that will serve others’ needs more than your own. It may be as simple as giving up an hour at the gym in order to help your company finish a project, skipping a pre-planned night out with friends, in order to host a last minute visitor from out of town, or changing your vacation dates in order to attend your employers wedding. Whatever sacrifice you’re called upon to make, know that in the Big Picture, your willingness to do so is serving the greater good of all. The ego doesn’t like to be interrupted. The Spirit is flexible and adaptable, placing service to humanity over selfish interests at all times. So take it easy on your ego - and make it delightful for your Spirit - and expect disruptions.

Listen to the Music
Quick message:

The answer is simple: LISTEN TO THE MUSIC - The bridge to heaven is music, and right now your Spirit is calling you to enjoy its benefits. Don’t allow your ego to diminish its benefits. Don't allow your ego to diminish its importance to your Spirit or cut off from its fuel - music not only regenerates your body, it also raises your vibration and fills your heart with joy and enthusiasm. Turn on the music to gain access to your Higher Self and the Divine Plane of inspiration now. Music will calm the moment. As you listen to it, the heavenly forces will work on your behalf to bring about joyful resolution and a peaceful outcome.

Tell The Truth 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: TELL THE TRUTH - Your ego doesn’t feel safe, so it hides the truth, both from the world and you. This makes life extremely complicated and exhausting, as you know. You can’t feel authentic unless you interrupt the ego and let your Spirit take over. Start by being honest with yourself. Ask the question If I weren't afraid, I would———. then fill in the blank. Do this several times and your truth will come tumbling forth. Really want the truth of your Spirit to come forward. With it will come the power and inspiration to live it. - 100% Free Dating

Decide the Outcome 
Quick message:

The answer is simple: DECIDE THE OUTCOME - The greatest expression of Spirit is to fully embrace your creative power and use it. The ego denies that you have any and falls into the trap of feeling like a victim. This leaves you with a sense of being hopelessly at the mercy of fate and without choice. The Spirit, on the other hand, not only knows that it’s a Divine Creator… it actively directs your creative power every day toward satisfying goals. Plan your future based on your decisions, rather than dreading it based on your fears. Visualise how your goals will manifest. Expect good things to come, and know that they’re on the way. As a creative and holy being, intend what you want and expect it - now.

Blow Off Some Steam 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: BLOW OFF SOME STEAM - Whoa! Easy now. Your ego is feeling threatened, so it has moved into “fight or flight,” filling your body with adrenaline, making you ready to come out boxing. When your body is flooded with this hormone, it’s difficult to connect with your Spirit because you’re filled with fear. In this state, you’re likely to make rash decisions, say things you don’t mean, draw conclusions that aren’t accurate, and overreact. The best way to reconnect with your Spirit and find the correct course of action at this time is to blow off some steam. Go to the gym and punch a bag. Hop in the shower and scream at the top o your lungs. Visit the seashore and yell into the wind. Make no decisions while you are riled up. Stay off the phone. Refrain from sending emails - no text messages either. Wait until you have clarity before you act. As your fear subsides, your Spirit will emerge.

Just Laugh 
Quick message:

The answer is simple: JUST LAUGH - It’s time to brighten your mood. No matter how sombre or intimidating life appears right now, don’t allow your ego to get too serious. Step away from the present situation for a moment and see the humour in what’s in front of you. Call upon the Divine forces of laughter, the great friends of your Holy Spirit, and ask them to help elevate your perspective with humour and mirth. Laughter is the voice of your Spirit.

Quick message:

The answer is simple: CREATE - Right now it’s time to summon your creative Spirit and put it to work. Look beyond current circumstances and use the power within to create new ones. There’s more to your world than the present is offering, and your Spirit is eager to fashion something different. You’re stuck in a rut, and your ego would have you believe that what you see now is all there is. This isn’t true, and it’s time to break free from the drudgery and boredom that the same-old, same-old offers. Once you decide to get creative, your Spirit will assist in the fun. You have nothing to lose but the boredom and dissatisfaction you’re experiencing now.

Be Courageous 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: BE COURAGEOUS - Your ego is intimidated and wants to run away from the challenge at hand. It will offer any number of arguments to justify its fear and to tell you why you should quit now, none of which are valid. It’s okay to be afraid just as long as you don’t allow your fear to stop you from living the truth of your Spirit. Overcoming it is easier that you think: Simply admit that you’re scared. This emotion is normal. The human condition is always fearful. It’s the Divine part of you, your Spirit, that’s fearless. It’s courageous because it knows that the Universe supports you all the way. Breath is Spirit. When you inhale deeply, it gives way to courage. Summon yours by drawing in your Spirit. You’re protected, so breathe and stay the course.

Have Fun 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: HAVE FUN - It’s important to keep the inner light of your Spirit shining bright in order to remain uplifted in a dark, negative, ego-based world. The best way to do so is to intentionally surround yourself with things that delight the Spirit in every way. Fuel your inner light with some good old-fashioned fun. Connect with any sounds, scents, tastes, textures, flavours, and friends that amuse your inner child. Step away from drudgery, duty, mindless tasks, and responsibility for one hour - or a day - and do something spontaneous or frivolous. Break from convention and routine, and do something out of the box. The ego disdains frivolity, yet it’s the most direct path to joy. Be frivolous. Lighten up. Have fun. Be silly. It will refuel your light.

Love Your Body
Quick message:

The answer is simple: LOVE YOUR BODY - Be mindful of how hard it works for you and treat it like your friend. It serves your Spirit and wants to be the best vehicle it can be - you must simply free it from the control of your ego so that it can serve you well. Your ego distrusts the body and tries to shame and control it, or else allows it to be overindulged or under-utilised… all of which makes it sick and weak. Your Spirit, on the other hand, loves and appreciates your physical self as a Divine gift, honoring and caring for it with love. You can’t succeeed in living your Spirit if it doesn’t dwell in your body. For it to do so, you must love and bless your physical self as the home for your Spirit - and then treat it that way.

Fill the Well 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: FILL THE WELL - Your inner light is dim right now. Your body is exhausted, your emotions are overwhelmed, and your mind is working overtime… all of which lock your Spirit out. You may not even know it because your ego prides itself on racing on a treadmill of fear without a break. Yet whether your ego knows it or not, you’re about to run out of fuel. So guess what? It’s time to gas up and receive nurturing. Reach out and ask for love and support from others. The key is allowing others to help restore your balance. This isn’t the time to do it yourself. Your well is dry, and you need the energy of your soul family and friends to revive yourself. To receive nurturing ensures that the light of your Spirit remains bright. This not only helps you… it helps the world to.

Rise and Shine 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: RISE AND SHINE - Begin today with your Spirit leading the way. Rise above the dreary outlook of your ego and let the light of your Spirit shine through. Release all the mental and emotional filters that ego has constructed in your view. No matter what happened yesterday, today is a fresh start. Begin the day shining like a sunrise at sea. Don’t allow your ego to dim your light within you. Let yesterday’s experience go, and shine fresh in the world. Only the ego holds on to the past. The spirit rises and shines and lives in the present time. It’s free from all that has transpired before. So rise with the present and shine your Spirit for all to enjoy…. Especially you.

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