Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Daily Divination Cards - Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Good morning!

I hope you enjoyed the Easter Bank Holiday weekend? Mine didn't go quite to plan, but life's like that sometimes...

I did enjoy some delicious chocolate though - and the return of two of my favourite TV shows - Dr Who and Game of Thrones!

I have lots to sort out today, on top of my usual work, I have some 'solutions' to explore and work out - largely due to The Royal Mail increasing postage rates from today and moving the goal posts, so to speak... by changing the way the way they classify parcels, by size, thereby almost doubling my costs! Time to look elsewhere for a delivery service methinks!

With that and preparing for the Rock the Redoubt Spring Fair this coming weekend it's going to be a very busy week!

Using The Answer Is Simple Oracle Cards let's get on with the cards and messages for Tuesday!

Whatever your star sign - have a good day :)

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the

The Answer Is Simple Oracle Cards

by Sonia Choquette

Quoted from the pack: "These Oracle cards provide immediate access to your divine Spirit, where you receive specific guidance for any and all challenges facing you in life. Each card not only offers direction for particular proplems, it also reinforces the path to your Higher Self, freeing you from the turbulence and fear of the ego plane.

You can use this deck (and the accompanying guide book) for specific direction, meditation, and life and purpose readings and to offer guidance to others; as well as to connect to your Divine Self, where drama and stress give way to joy and inner peace.

My personal card for today:

Full meaning:

The answer is simple: STOP - The ego is running wild with confusion, causing unnecessary stress and leading you in the wrong direction. Presently you’re at risk of overreacting to things and are making poor decisions. You may feel threatened, defensive, or angry or feel the need to try too hard to please others. No matter how this runaway fear is manifesting, it’s time to stop. In spite of appearances you are causing your greatest troubles, and no one else. Whether it’s projecting, reacting, defending, or over-compensating, nothing your ego is doing at the moment is serving your highest good. Although it wants to be in control, it’s time to turn command over to higher forces and quit forcing your personal agenda.

Take a deep breath and come back to your spirit. Stop everything you’re doing and go within. Ask you Spirit to calm you. And for a bit, do nothing. Rather than force the door to life to open to you, step back a realize it opens inward. Doing nothing doesn’t mean that nothing is being done. The Universe will right any imbalance as soon as you stop making waves.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:

Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!  

Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message... - 100% Free Dating
Decide the Outcome
Quick message:

The answer is simple: DECIDE THE OUTCOME - The greatest expression of Spirit is to fully embrace your creative power and use it. The ego denies that you have any and falls into the trap of feeling like a victim. This leaves you with a sense of being hopelessly at the mercy of fate and without choice. The Spirit, on the other hand, not only knows that it’s a Divine Creator… it actively directs your creative power every day toward satisfying goals. Plan your future based on your decisions, rather than dreading it based on your fears. Visualise how your goals will manifest. Expect good things to come, and know that they’re on the way. As a creative and holy being, intend what you want and expect it - now.

Reclaim Your Art
Quick message:

The answer is simple: RECLAIM YOUR ART - Every Spirit is an artist, and without art, it has no way to express itself. Let your creative Spirit speak: Write a poem. Paint a picture. Get out the watercolours and make a card. Take a beautiful photo. Play music. Create a gourmet meal or plant a garden. If you’re comfortable in one art form, try another. Get to know your Spirit through your own artistic experimentation. Enjoy your creativity for yourself. Your controlling ego will try to tell you that art is a waste of time and has no value. This suffocates your Spirit and sucks the joy out of your being. Silence the critical ego and hear your Spirit through some form of art today… yes, today.
Give Yourself the Best 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: GIVE YOURSELF THE BEST - The ego has a tendency to deny you the good things in life; rather, it suggests that you’re not worthy of the best, the beautiful, and the finest - and you shouldn’t expect it. Not only should you have the best in life, you should give it to yourself. Start by offering yourself the best education. Read, and inform yourself with all the wonderful and creative knowledge available to educate your mind. Give yourself the best of friends. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to grow, see you as wonderful, and bring light into your world. Sleep on the best pillow, and wear the best shoes and socks - even the best underwear - you can afford. Respect your body by clothing it in fabrics that reflect the light in your eyes and the brightness of your Spirit. There’s so much glorious finery for your spirit to enjoy. Don’t wait for others to offer it to you. Give yourself the best.

Be Patient 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: BE PATIENT. The physical Universe vibrates at a slower pace than the mental one does. Therefore, although it may appear that your Spirit’s desire is far away at this very moment, this isn’t actually true; rather it’s in the process of coming into realization. Simply be patient and know that the Universe, in cooperation with your beautiful Spirit, is working on your behalf. Trust in divine order and give things more time.

Share Your Gifts 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: SHARE YOUR GIFTS - We all have gifts of Spirit that we’re here to share. The ego often discounts them as not good enough, not significant enough, not important enough to make a difference. Don’t fall into this trap and hide them. Know that the simple endowments of Spirit, which are grounded in love and kindness, come from your heart and are needed now, more than anything. Don’t be shy. Share your gifts, as others need your love and kindness now.

Stick With It 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: STICK WITH IT - As you wake up your Spirit and begin to live in the higher frequency of love, the ego becomes confused and wants to resist. This new energy displaces the ego’s power and renders it impotent so it tries to reverse or arrest the changes. Be aware of your ego’s resistance and stay true to your Spirit anyway. Ignore inner ego dialogue that suggests you’re wasting your time, and thus tries to discourage your efforts. Although you may not see instant results, you can feel the change within your cells as you bring more light and love to your being. Stick with your higher intentions and soon you’ll witness the effects in your world.

Get Over Yourself 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: GET OVER YOURSELF - The first step to living your Spirit is to get over yourself, eaning get over your false self - your ego. It’s time to become honest and stop the doomed effort to posture and present your ego to the world as the real you… it isn’t. Thank goodness, because if you step back and observe for a moment, you’ll feel what a high-maintenance entity your ego self is - so high maintenance, in fact, that it leaves no room to focus on, or be much aware of, anything or anyone else beyond the most superficial level. Ask yourself, “Where am I not being authentic? Where am I acting instead of being real? What am I hiding or not revealing about my Spirit?” The world, and especially those close to you, needs the light of your true Self right now. Where is your ego blocking it? Be willing to get over your false self and share your light. This is required of you now and will be healing to all… especially you.

Have Fun
Quick message:

The answer is simple: HAVE FUN - It’s important to keep the inner light of your Spirit shining bright in order to remain uplifted in a dark, negative, ego-based world. The best way to do so is to intentionally surround yourself with things that delight the Spirit in every way. Fuel your inner light with some good old-fashioned fun. Connect with any sounds, scents, tastes, textures, flavours, and friends that amuse your inner child. Step away from drudgery, duty, mindless tasks, and responsibility for one hour - or a day - and do something spontaneous or frivolous. Break from convention and routine, and do something out of the box. The ego disdains frivolity, yet it’s the most direct path to joy. Be frivolous. Lighten up. Have fun. Be silly. It will refuel your light.

Talk to God 
Quick message:

The answer is simple: TALK TO GOD - Stop talking to your ego. It only confuses you and makes you fearful. Besides its advice is terrible and never brings the results it promises. Converse with God instead. Instruct your ego to be quiet, and allow your Spirit to have a heart-to-heart with your loving Creator. Ask the Divine for direction. Listen with your Spirit, in the very centre of your heart, and don’t permit your ego to interrupt. There you will find the answers.

Look Forward
Quick message:

The answer is simple: LOOK FORWARD - The ego looks backward and wallows in regret; the spirit looks forward with excitement and wonder. The ego looks down and sees few options; the Spirit looks up and perceives endless possibilities. The ego looks for problems and views itself as a victim; the Spirit seeks out solutions and sees itself as a genius. There’s nothing blocking you except the ego habit of limiting your own view. Glance up and you’ll see doors opening to you. You’re free from the past, so don’t look back anymore. Peer ahead with the light heart of your Spirit. You’ll be delighted by what you see.

Turn On the Light 
Quick message:

The answer is simple: TURN ON THE LIGHT - Look to your life with the eyes of your Spirit, not your ego. The ego points out your flaws; your Spirit concentrates on your perfection. The ego sees everything as your failure; your Spirit sees it as process and progress. The ego views itself as separate and alone; the Spirit knows itself to be connected to all and an essential part of the whole. The ego see darkness; the Spirit sees light. If you look with the light of your Spirit, you’ll clearly make out that all is well. Your ego can’t see past its own fears, so all appears dark. Your Spirit turns on the light and thus perceives the value of all your experiences - with it on, you can see that it’s all good.

Speak with Love 
Quick message:

The answer is simple: SPEAK WITH LOVE - Notice the vibration you’re presently creating with your words. When you allow the ego to speak carelessly, it can stir up the emotional waters of others and set a tsunami of fear into motion. This destructive vibration starts out subtly but builds as it travels and most definitely returns to its source - you - with a vengeance. The spirit, on the other hand, calms the troubled waters of human emotion. It soothes fears with a sweet serenade of support, appreciation, and love. Your spirit is a beautiful source of Divine light and can heal with a few well-directed words of love. It is these messages of Spirit that will turn the present storm of circumstances into a peaceful lake of serenity.

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