Friday, 15 March 2013

Weekend Divination Cards - Friday 15th March 2013


It's a deary, drizzly day today and I reluctantly took Maisie for her morning walk - because she won't give me a moment's peace until I do - no matter what the weather is like!

I thought I would just go for a quick walk, because it was raining and because I have a bad back at the moment, so walking is uncomfortable ...

Went to the beach, let Maisie off her lead and turned left, walking along with my hood up and the wind behind me, planning a short walk, "around the block" as I call it.

As we got to the point where I head back up the beach, I groped in my pocket for Maisie's lead - and couldn't find it. Dammit! That meant I had to turn round, heading into the wind and rain, to retrace my steps and try to find the lead.

I ended up right back to where we'd started and couldn't see it, so turned round again following my original route - searching up and down the beach - and there was still no sign of it!

Then I remembered...

I'd found a hole in my pocket yesterday... and yes, you've guessed it... the lead was inside the lining of my jacket! I had been walking up and down the beach, in the in the cold, wind and rain, searching for something which was inside my coat the whole time!


Blonde moment? Bad memory? Getting older... Menopausal... 

Double GRRRRR!

I got home soaked, back hurting and NOT a happy bunny!

After a big mug of steaming hot coffee I did feel better though - and the day can only get better... Can't it?!

Whatever your star sign - have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend :)

Brightest Blessings,
Kaz - 100% Free Dating
This week I am using the
 The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards

by Collette Baron-Reid

Quoted from the pack: "The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid is a 52 card divination system - an inspirational tool to bridge the unseen world of Spirit and the physical world of our day-to-day lives. Based on the rich mythology of ancient Britain's Isle of Avalon and the wisdom teachings of its priestesses, these cards (and the accompanying guidebook) will help you find valuable and powerful insights in all aspects of life as you chart your path and manifest your destiny with clarity and purpose."

My personal card for today:


THE DOG - loyalty, sincerity, unconditional love 

Divinatory meaning: The Dog is the most loyal animal to human beings. When Dog appears on your path, he reminds you of this trait. Are you steadfast with your loved ones? Are you true to yourself and your dreams? Do you act with sincerity? It's very important to do so now, for good fortune comes with the faithful Dog as your companion.

The Dog loves sincerely without conditions, and is happy to be part of a pack. Think about how you function in your community - are you a loyal team player?

Another issue the Dog asks you to consider is the loyalty of others. If someone is being insincere, move on because he or she isn’t meant to be in your pack.

Ask the Dog of a sign, and your answer will be shown. Dog energy lives in your heart, so look there.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:
Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!
Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...

Quick reading: Focus your attention on the job ahead. Do what is in front of you, no matter how small the task. Clear focus is required. Your path is marked with the need to regroup and remind yourself of your goal.. Then stay in the present time and do what is directly in front of you. Only one small, focused step at a time will place you at your destination.

THE FROG - cleaning house, releasing emotional baggage. 

Quick reading: It's time to clean house and get rid of the clutter in your environment, your head, and your heart. Move out any objects, thoughts, or relationships that hold you back. It’s time to get rid of anything that clutters your life or space with unwanted burdensome energy, or anything that weighs heavily on your heart. It's time to release all things no longer appropriate to bring on your journey. Allow new and fresh energy to enter your world.

Quick reading: This marker brings notice of restriction in all things. You aren't able to move forward constructively at this time. Be patient, pay attention to the next right action, and sooner than you know, the prison doors will swing open and you will yet again proceed to the greater goal.

THE DRAGON - Power, strength. 

Quick reading: The Dragon comes to offer you its power and strength, to protect and fortify you on this leg of your journey. The Dragon symbolizes true power and reminds you that this infinite source is not found within your personality or ego. Watch for a signal - the Dragon always makes the next step clear, and gives you the power to take it.

Quick reading: This is the marker of abundance and success, and the achievement of a goal. Know that wealth includes sharing, for this card is also a reminder to give something away to help another - be it money, time or anything of value. Sharing will always ensure the flow of wealth. This marker is a very fortunate omen.

THE EARTH FAERY - physical health, grounding, foundations 

Quick reading: The Earth Faery says to pay attention to your health and all things pertaining to your physical body. Perhaps you need to exercise, pay attention to your diet, or get more sleep? Another message from the Earth Faery is to make sure the foundations of all you do are solid. Be aware that projects, relationships, business ideas, and families all need to be built on sturdy, steady foundations. The Earth Faery always helps you when you ask.

THE CAT - independence, healthy boundaries 

Quick reading: The Cat reminds you of independence and to set healthy boundaries. Love with freedom - do not look to own what you desire, for too much attachment can lead to loss. On this leg of your journey, you will emerge safe and sound. Live freely, love without unhealthy attachment, and remember that with the Cat as your companion, you may fully immerse yourself in life, for there will be many more lives to come.

THE BEE - luck, industriousness, sweet victory. 

Quick reading: With hard work and a firm commitment to building your dream, a sweet outcome is assured. The Bee is a symbol of luck, so expect miracles and your life will be victorious and sweet. The Bee is an industrious, busy creature that’s always making honey. The Bee “gets busy,” and that honey will soon be yours. The Bee is always a fortunate omen.

THE SWAN - transformation, trusting psychic gifts. 

Quick reading: This card represents a transformation from one state to another. This signals a period of growth that will ultimately be life-changing. It also reminds you to trust your intuition and psychic gifts to guide you through the process of wonderful and ultimate change. The Swan reminds you to see with your heart and listen with your spirit… and the whole world can be magically transformed.

THE COW - nourishment, abundance, asking, receiving 

Quick reading: The Cow says, “Nourishment is never-ending when I appear on your path. Don’t forget to till the soil so that grass may grow. Do your part, and I will do mine with joy. Ask, and you will receive all the blessings I have to offer.” The Cow reminds you that there is no shortage of blessings in the world. Ask to partake in infinite abundance, and you will, indeed, get exactly what you need.

THE QUEEN - woman, fertility, feminine power, sexuality, friendships 

Quick reading: Fertility, beauty, female sexual energy, earthly pleasures, and friendships among women - the Queen summons you to bestow her gifts upon you so that you can revel in the beauty of life. The Queen appears to remind you of the importance of self-esteem, self-worth, and holding your head high. Now is the time to set boundaries with others with gentle authority, yet try not to be isolated from them in the process. The Queen knows how to delegate authority when she needs to. Summon your inner Queen and ask for what you need.

THE RAVEN - magic, coincidence, synchronistic events. 

Quick reading: When the Raven appears, it's a sign of magic, where coincidence and Divine synchronicity bring surprising elements together. The Raven reminds you that on the path to wholeness, the magic of Avalon appears and all things become possible. Believe in magic and you cannot help but see it. Magic lives within belief itself! Expect the unexpected and prepare to be amazed.


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