Monday, 10 December 2012

Daily Divination Cards - Monday 10th December 2012

Good morning!

I had a nice weekend - I hope you did too?

I was very busy working through Christmas orders, but with some enjoyable relaxing moments in between...

Including a trip to visit Dad in hospital on Saturday (he's doing very well, but longing to come home) and a lovely Christmassy Sunday evening, with Richard, my Mum, Tom and Sophie. Richard cooked us all a delicious meal and we watched 'Elf', while drinking mulled wine :)

However, it's back to business today and it's my most manic and hectic time of the year - so let's get on with the cards and messages!

I'm using The Answer Is Simple Oracle Cards this week!

Whatever your star sign - have a good Monday :)

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the
The Answer Is Simple Oracle Cards
by Sonia Choquette

Quoted from the pack: "These Oracle cards provide immediate access to your divine Spirit, where you receive specific guidance for any and all challenges facing you in life. Each card not only offers direction for particular proplems, it also reinforces the path to your Higher Self, freeing you from the turbulence and fear of the ego plane.

You can use this deck (and the accompanying guide book) for specific direction, meditation, and life and purpose readings and to offer guidnace to others; as well as to connect to your Divine Self, where drama and stress give way to joy and inner peace.

My personal card for today:


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff 

Full meaning:

The answer is simple: DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF 

Someone makes a comment that troubles you. Another misinterprets your intentions. The plans you make don’t go off as you wish. People aren’t cooperating and it frustrates you. Time is running out… It’s all so irritating that your ego can hardly stand it.

Welcome to life. If it’s not one thing it’s another. The key is to remain detached and observe events as they unfold from the standpoint of your Spirit. When you do, you realize these daily irritations and upsets don’t matter. What does count is that you enjoy life, no matter what small disruption presents itself along the way. The Spirit knows: There is always something unexpected.

That’s life. Expect small interruptions right now - and big ones as well. The key is to ride the wave of upset with graceful humour and not to allow things to ruffle your peace. Know that whatever comes up, your Spirit can handle it… and will.

You have the ability to respond creatively to anything that meets you in life. Simply remain calm and don’t try to control what happens, especially before it does. Take life as it comes and enjoy it.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:
Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!

Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...

Rise and Shine 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: RISE AND SHINE - Begin today with your Spirit leading the way. Rise above the dreary outlook of your ego and let the light of your Spirit shine through. Release all the mental and emotional filters that ego has constructed in your view. No matter what happened yesterday, today is a fresh start. Begin the day shining like a sunrise at sea. Don’t allow your ego to dim your light within you. Let yesterday’s experience go, and shine fresh in the world. Only the ego holds on to the past. The spirit rises and shines and lives in the present time. It’s free from all that has transpired before. So rise with the present and shine your Spirit for all to enjoy…. Especially you.

Start Anew 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: START ANEW - Okay. So things aren’t as great as you’d like, and in fact, life feels like a big mess right now. Not to worry - simply bless your mess and start over. Whatever is going on at the moment, appreciate the fact that you created it… and because you did so, you can “un-create” it as well. Start by accepting that the situation at hand is your creation. Maybe it’s not your intentional one, but it’s yours, nevertheless. Until you acknowledge your power, you can’t use it correctly. Ask yourself =: “How did I get here? What about the present moment isn’t working for me? What about this is familiar and might be a pattern that I keep repeating and now would like to stop?” and the most important question of all: “What does my Spirit want to experience instead?” Simply study your situation and request that your Spirit free you from whatever creation you don’t enjoy - if you ask, it will oblige.

Thank God 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: THANK GOD - The ego focuses on lack and therefore creates it. The Spirit concentrates on the endless stream of gifts God gives us and thus creates that. This is because the greatest blessing the Divine bestows on us is the ability to create what we focus on. Pay attention to all that God gives and you get more; focus on lack and you get less. Thank God throughout the day and you will be blessed with abundance. Offer gratitude for being alive, for the opportunities at hand, and for your challenges and ability to find solutions. Give thanks for your health, your life, your family, and your friends. Show appreciation for your blessings before they arrive. Your ego can discover how to attract flow and abundance if it joins with your Spirit in giving thanks to God for everything to day.

Clear the Fog 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: CLEAR THE FOG - Life looks a bit foggy now, and your ego is distorting the truth. It’s time to summon the pure heart of your Spirit so that you’re correctly informed. The first step to clearing away the confusion is to take nothing personally. Stay aware, and learn as much as you can. Listen closely, observe the details, and be on guard for a tendency to interpret things from an overly emotional point of view, especially when it comes from the behaviour of others. Allow your Spirit to speak for you, breathing calmly as you do and expecting the best. The fog will lift, and the pollution of the present will clear.

Have Fun 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: HAVE FUN - It’s important to keep the inner light of your Spirit shining bright in order to remain uplifted in a dark, negative, ego-based world. The best way to do so is to intentionally surround yourself with things that delight the Spirit in every way. Fuel your inner light with some good old-fashioned fun. Connect with any sounds, scents, tastes, textures, flavours, and friends that amuse your inner child. Step away from drudgery, duty, mindless tasks, and responsibility for one hour - or a day - and do something spontaneous or frivolous. Break from convention and routine, and do something out of the box. The ego disdains frivolity, yet it’s the most direct path to joy. Be frivolous. Lighten up. Have fun. Be silly. It will refuel your light.

It’s Not an Emergency 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: IT’S NOT AN EMERGENCY - Although it’s clear that things are in the midst of change, your ego is creating unnecessary drama, causing you to feel threatened and afraid. Regain clarity by stepping away from the situation, calming your emotions and reconnecting to your Spirit. Take no action until you feel calm and peaceful, knowing that you’re fully protected by your Spirit in every way. Even though it feels as though you must act now, this isn’t true. You’re far better off taking the time you need to get re-centred and re-connected to your spirit first. Only then will it serve you to act.


Change the Scenery 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: CHANGE THE SCENERY - Your ego has narrowed your view, and it looks as though you have few options. It’s time to get back to Spirit. Shake things up and free yourself by hanging the scenery. Start by going outside - really going outside and taking a long walk, for example, a hike, or even a trip. There is so much more life for you to enjoy, and your Spirit is calling you back to the banquet. The ego lacks imagination and believes that there’s nothing more than what you see in front of you. A change of scenery will show you that as Spirit, you have unlimited options. Break free - get out, get about, and get a fresh perspective.

Just Laugh
Quick message:

The answer is simple: JUST LAUGH - It’s time to brighten your mood. No matter how sombre or intimidating life appears right now, don’t allow your ego to get too serious. Step away from the present situation for a moment and see the humour in what’s in front of you. Call upon the Divine forces of laughter, the great friends of your Holy Spirit, and ask them to help elevate your perspective with humour and mirth. Laughter is the voice of your Spirit.

Step Away from the Crowd 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: STEP AWAY FROM THE CROWD - You’re suffering from a case of to much talking, your own and others’. You can’t hear your spirit because it’s being drowned out by too many ego voices and opinions. No doubt about it - you need some time alone. Don’t allow your ego to deny you this important check-in with your Spirit. The more time you allow with your Spirit, the more time you will find for everything else.

Get Over Yourself 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: GET OVER YOURSELF - The first step to living your Spirit is to get over yourself, eaning get over your false self - your ego. It’s time to become honest and stop the doomed effort to posture and present your ego to the world as the real you… it isn’t. Thank goodness, because if you step back and observe for a moment, you’ll feel what a high-maintenance entity your ego self is - so high maintenance, in fact, that it leaves no room to focus on, or be much aware of, anything or anyone else beyond the most superficial level. Ask yourself, “Where am I not being authentic? Where am I acting instead of being real? What am I hiding or not revealing about my Spirit?” The world, and especially those close to you, needs the light of your true Self right now. Where is your ego blocking it? Be willing to get over your false self and share your light. This is required of you now and will be healing to all… especially you.

Spread the Light 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: SPREAD THE LIGHT - Your Spirit is powerful and inspirational, and it can even heal those around you. One of the most potent healing acts of Spirit is to witness and acknowledge its light in others. Look around and notice who’s in need of being seen. Notice those whose light of Spirit is dim or at risk of going out, and reignite their fire with your recognition. Tell others that you love their Spirit. Don’t be afraid to speak this out loud. To be seen in the light of your living Spirit is a highly healing experience and one that you can spread. Today you’re called to be the healer. You’ve been called to spread the light all day. Enjoy.

Open Your Heart 

Quick message:

The answer is simple: OPEN YOUR HEART - To love yourself and experience all the blessings your Spirit offers, you must have an open heart. You can’t fully experience love of any sort - that of self or otherwise - if it isn’t open. As Divine beings, we’re all born with a welcoming heart: the one that expects life to be a positive experience. It’s especially important right now to open yourself up, because life is trying to deliver you the gift of love. Your Spirit and the Divine Source of all Life knows exactly what your core needs and is more than willing to supply that and so much more - but it can’t succeed if you’re not prepared to receive the blessings it wants to rain on you. Only a willing heart can receive your innermost desire. Take the risk: Feel the love coming in… open your heart and believe. - 100% Free Dating