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Daily Divination Cards - Wednesday 24th October 2012

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Please visit Sally Dubat's "The Grimoire Chronicles"

I was reading it last night, as I found a timely blog posting about Signs and Omens and left a comment, sharing one of my own experiences. Not a happy one, but relevant for me, for this time of the year...

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I hope you are liking the cards this week? I shall make a slideshow for you tomorrow, so you can see the unusual and fabulous illustrations in this deck!

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This week I am using the  
by Brian and Wendy Froud

Quoted from the pack: "From acclaimed faerie artists Brian and Wendy Froud comes a delightful abd spiritual guide that invites readers to connect with faeries and learn useful wisdom that will enhance their lives and personal relationships. The Heart of the Faerie Oracle box set contains 68 oracle cards illustrated by Brian Froud, and an accompanying guide book written by Wendy Froud. The package features many enchanting faerie images, such as the Queen of thr Golden Bough and the Temptation. The 160-page illustrated book describes the emotional and practical nature of the cards and offers a variety of techniques for using the set, opening the door into the Faerie Realm as never before."


My personal card for today:


The Big Behind 

New Perspective / Knowing Your Options / Survival 

If you’ve ever been on an airplane, then you’ve no doubt heard the flight attendant explaining that in the event of an emergency landing, be sure to know where the nearest exit is, keeping in mind that it may be behind you. If you fly often, then you have sat through this speech many times and gotten used to it, yet it’s always important.

Think about it. Knowing where the nearest exit is, can make a huge difference to your survival. When something uncomfortable is happening, and all you really want is to get out as quickly as possible, you may be absolutely fixed on the one idea you’ve had that may get you out. You may feel that there’s absolutely no other way to go, no other exit from the mess you have found yourself in.

Well, take a moment and look behind you. Turn around and look at the situation from another angle. Step out of your forward focus, and you might see the solution is right there behind you. Remember, the big behind is something that you never see as you go forward through life, but it’s there nonetheless.

In Faerie, looking through a holed stone, a loop of willow branch, or into a dark, reflective pond is a good way of seeing what is really going on from a totally fresh point of view, In Faerie, looking behind is as important as looking ahead.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:
Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!

Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...

In Two Minds 

Internal Dialogue / Decision / Action 

Quick message: Should I? Shouldn’t I? I could do it this way, but then again, I could do it that way. I could change things, but then again I could just let things be the way they are. Do I want Chinese food or Italian? Decisions plague our lives. By picking this card, you recognize the fact that although any argument has at least two sides, in the end you have to choose and make a decision. It may not end up being the right one, but until you decide on some sort of action, you are stuck, forever arguing with yourself, forever in a static state. Be brave. Do something. When you take that first step, you’ll find that the next one may be much clearer and more obvious than you could have imagined.

The Maiden 

First Love / Wonder / Endless Possibilities 

Quick message: Always in that magic state between girlhood and womanhood, the Maiden lives in the place where everything is possible. Love and romance are her lifeblood, and where she walks in Faerie, romance blossoms and love flowers in her wake. No matter what our age or sex, we must honour the Maiden and acknowledge her in our lives and relationships. When the Maiden appears, take the time to remember how you felt when you first fell in love. Remember and take some of that wonder and sense of endless possibility with you on your continuing journey.

The Faerie of Growth 

Movement / Growth / Re-visioning Process 

Quick message: Growth can mean so many things. One thing it always means is movement and change. Growth doesn’t standstill. Growth by it’s very nature is a constantly changing process. To stay on one mindset or one mode of being is to stagnate. If you move through life with an awareness of everything around you, you will grow. You won’t be able to help it. If you draw this card, take time to think about how your life is changing and how you can direct that change for the good. Look at the Faerie of Growth and feel the energy of her unfolding wings. Step forward and see where that step leads you. Spread your wings and grow.

The Hope 

Light in the Dark / Faith / Comfort 

Quick message: This is the faerie of dark despair. She is there in your darkest hour. She feels despair and lives it with you, she helps you through it because the only thing to do is go through it and come out the other side. In all despair there is hope. It may be small and seem insignificant but it is there. Hope is the bright spark, the tiny bit of magic that can turn the tide of despair. If you find this card in a reading, remember that there is hope in any situation. It may not come in the form you are expecting or would wish for, but look for it, and you will find it nonetheless. Have faith that something good can come. By allowing that thought in, the darkness of despair can begin to give way to the light of hope.

The Crone 

Look Again / Wise Woman / Direction 

Quick message: The Crone, scary isn’t she? She is the wicked witch in the fairy tales, the one who eats children and curses princesses. A monster? Sometimes. What else is she? She is a wise woman, a healer, and a teacher. She knows about life and she knows about love. She knows how treacherous they can be, and she also knows how to put you back on the right path when you are wandering, lost in the dark forest of a relationship. She is part of that darkness, but she is also a beacon of light when you need one.. All you have to do is be brave enough to greet her politely, help her if she asks for help (it’s a test for you), then listen to her advice. If you are careful, if you show enough respect, she may give you her pearl of wisdom and not turn you into a toad.

The Juggler 

Scattered Attention / Reassessment / Priorities 

Well, just look at him! He can balance at least two things on his fingers while running along from one important place to another. When you meet the Juggler, just slow down and take a look at where you’re going. You may be doing lots of things at the same time - and you may be very good at all of them - but just be sure you can see where you’re going with these projects. Perhaps you’re balancing the attention of too many people at the same time. If you scatter your thoughts and attentions wherever you go, you may end up running in circles and not giving anything or anyone the attention they deserve.

The Queen of Hearth and Home 

Welcome / Courtesy / Graciousness 

Quick message: The Queen of the Hearth and Home carries with her the ability to make a home in the moment, in the now, wherever she is. She passes this ability on to you. It is important to “be at home” in any situation, to create a “home” when you invite people in to your space, whether at a table in a restaurant, a desk at work, or in your own home. The ability to make someone feel welcome when entering your space is a gift indeed. When this card appears, remember that you are in the presence of a great queen. She gives you the ability to be gracious and create a home wherever you are, in any relationship.


Independence / Freedom of Expression / Standing Your Ground 

Quick message: For goodness sake, stand up for yourself! That is what Tink is telling you. She may be little, but she’s feisty, and she knows how to tell people what she needs. It’s good to be compliant and polite. It’s good to listen, empathize and agree with others’ points of view. Most of the time. But sometimes, sometimes you’ve just got to stand up for yourself and say what you need to say. If Tink turns up often in a reading, you may either have something very important to say that you haven’t been able to articulate yet, or may be voicing your opinion just a little too often. Stop and think about it. You’ll know which one of these describes your state of being at the moment. So for goodness sake, stand up for yourself or be quiet and let someone else voice an opinion for a change.  


The Lady of Unicorns 

Belief / Magical Connection / Guardianship 

Quick message: This is the Lady of belief and longing. The unicorn, symbol of purity, grace, and love, is under her guardianship. She is the keeper of our longing to connect with magical beings. She holds our need to believe and she cherishes it. Belief is such an important part of living a true and magical life. Belief can help us overcome depression and despair. It can lead us to a brighter future. Come to her when you need to be reminded of the importance of what you believe in, and she will restore that belief to you. - 100% Free Dating

The Captive Man 

False Perceptions / Enthrallment / Release from Captivity 

Quick message: The Captive Man says a lot about the darker nature of Faerie. Faerie women, especially Faerie Queens, have always desired human male companionship and they aren’t particular about how they go about getting it. The Captive Man is blinded by “Faerie Glamour” and cannot see his way clear of the entanglement he is trapped in. Men and women can be trapped by false perceptions. We easily become enamoured of something or someone that is not what it appears to be. If the Captive man appears, we must ask for clear sight. When we finally “see” the truth, we can begin to free ourselves from those harmful ties. Conversely, we may be the captor, imprisoning a person or an idea, when we should be giving it freedom. By releasing a thought or a person from captivity, we give it the space to truly become what it needs to be and we often find that it stays with us.

The Lord of the Forest 

Eternal Masculine / Action / Strength 

Quick message: Masculine energy is something that we have as part of our basic energy makeup. It doesn’t matter if we are male or female, we all have masculine energy within us. It is the driving force that gets us to do things. We need it to function in the human world, to do every day tasks, and to move forward with vision and strength. If the Lord of the Forest appears in your reading, it is a sign that it is important to do something. You have been dreaming, now act upon your dreams. In a relationship, take the lead. Tell your partner what is important to you. Actions speak, and to keep the masculine and feminine in balance, now is the time to act.

The Hero 

Strength / Courage / Unconditional Love 

Quick message: The Hero is heroism as a feminine force; not how we usually think of the word. Think of Love as a heroic force. Think of the love of a mother for her children. Think of love that lets us accept the differences in people and the beliefs around us. Think of love that is truly unconditional. That is heroism. That is the single thing that truly overcomes obstacles in our world and in Faerie. It isn’t easy. It isn’t always comfortable, and it certainly isn’t always fun, but it is heroic. So if you draw this card, be a hero: Try practising unconditional love.