Monday, 22 October 2012

Daily Divination Cards - Monday 22nd October 2012

Good morning!

I hope you have had a lovey, relaxing weekend?

I've had a busy one as usual, but for a change it wasn't all work!

Tom and Sophie came over on Saturday afternoon to make their Halloween costumes (needed to use my sewing machine and printer) and it was lovely to have them home again, even if only for a few hours. Maisie was so excited to see them too, especially when Tom took her off for a walk on the beach, while Sophie and I tried to figure out the sewing machine...

Later on Saturday evening, Richard and I went to a party, for a friend's birthday, and had a very enjoyable time, good food, great company - lots of laughter and dancing too!

Yesterday I had girly-lunch out with some dear friends that I hadn't seen for ages. It was so nice to have a proper catch up and a giggle over a delicious lunch. I really enjoyed it :)

The weekend flashed by though and it looks like it's going to be a Mega Manic Monday - as I didn't do any work all weekend.... it was worth it though!

I decided to use a new deck this week, which I have never used for the Daily Divinations before.

It's always harder work the first couple of times I use a new deck, as I have to scan the cards and type out the meanings, so it takes a lot longer to do. When I've used the deck a few times, it will be easier, as I can copy and paste the text into the blog.

(I started to do some last night, to give me a bit of a head start this morning!)

I'm using The Heart of Faerie Oracle by Brian and Wendy Froud.

I hope you like these cards. I think they are beautiful. (They're Faerie cards - but not light and fluffy fairies - a bit darker and cheekier... if you know what I mean?!)

Later in the week I shall make a slideshow of some of the cards in the deck, so you can appreciate the gorgeous artwork.

In the meantime, please find you card for Monday below and - whatever your star sign - have a good day :)

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the
By Brian and Wendy Froud

Quoted from the pack: "From acclaimed faerie artists Brian and Wendy Froud comes a delightful abd spiritual guide that invites readers to connect with faeries and learn useful wisdom that will enhance their lives and personal relationships. The Heart of the Faerie Oracle box set contains 68 oracle cards illustrated by Brian Froud, and an accompanying guide book written by Wendy Froud. The package features many enchanting faerie images, such as the Queen of thr Golden Bough and the Temptation. The 160-page illustrated book describes the emotional and practical nature of the cards and offers a variety of techniques for using the set, opening the door into the Faerie Realm as never before."

My personal card for today:

The Faerie of Naughtiness 

Lighten Up / Mischief / Misrule 

Sometimes you just have to be naughty. Now being naughty isn’t being bad. Being naughty can be a wonderful release. The Faerie of Naughtiness asks you to step outside of your boundaries for a moment and do something unexpected. She dares you (well you can see that by the way she’s looking at you) to change the energy of a situation by doing the one thing that will tilt the universe just a tiny bit.

Sometimes you can change that energy just by thinking. Naughty thoughts can lighten a situation without anyone else having to know about it. As you look at her, I’m sure an idea will come to mind. Observe too that she is connected above and below. The energy of the universe runs through her and connects her to everything. She is part of the universal glue that holds everything together.

If you don’t acknowledge her, if you ignore her, you may become the target for her own naughtiness. She’s very good at stealing things, losing wallets, misplacing important letters and important thoughts, so when it looks like it’s going to be one of those days when little things go wrong and circumstances become predicaments, acknowledge the Faerie of Naughtiness, and get her on your side again. She just wants to play.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:
Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!

Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...

The Queen of Passage 

Surrender / Transition / Trust 

Quick message: All things change. All situations move from one phase into another. Sometimes those transitions are difficult. Letting go and moving on, whether to a new life, a new love, or perhaps just a new phase in a current relationship, can be painful, but the Queen of Passage is there to help with those transitions. There is growth in the future. There is a way ahead. The moment of passage between the past and future is moment of surrender. Trust this great queen to be your guide. Listen to what she has to tell you and then take that step. She will be at your side in the moment you move out of the past and into the future.

The Queen of Owls 

Physical Healing / Wholeness / Wellness 

Quick message: This is the bright queen of physical healing. When the physical body is unbalanced or in pain, it can be difficult to find a connection to anything other than that pain or disease. Relationships can falter and fail when all of your attention pivots on dealing with pain. When your physical body becomes the only thing you can focus on, turn to this bright and gentle being. The pain is real, the disease is real, but the power to heal is real within you as well. Concentrate on the Queen of Owls and reconnect with the healing energies of Faerie.

The Green Woman 

Subtlety / Beauty / Fruition 

Quick message: Just as there is a balance of masculine and feminine energy in all of us, there is that balance of energy on all of nature. The Green Woman is the subtle “greening” of the world, the gentle flow of energy, creativity, inner strength, full of moisture and the nurturing qualities of plant life. When she appears before you in a reading, let her powerful, gentle energy surround and nurture you. A relationship calls for “greening” sometimes. Tread softly and gently to bring a relationship to fruition in its tentative stages. Be strong in your convictions, but gentle in the manner in which you present them, and you emulate the Green Woman. - 100% Free Dating

The Hero 

Strength / Courage / Unconditional Love 

Quick message: The Hero is heroism as a feminine force; not how we usually think of the word. Think of Love as a heroic force. Think of the love of a mother for her children. Think of love that lets us accept the differences in people and the beliefs around us. Think of love that is truly unconditional. That is heroism. That is the single thing that truly overcomes obstacles in our world and in Faerie. It isn’t easy. It isn’t always comfortable, and it certainly isn’t always fun, but it is heroic. So if you draw this card, be a hero: Try practising unconditional love.

The Paradox 

Resoltution of Opposites / Intuitive Decision / Tricky Situation 

Quick message: It’s good but it’s bad, it’s right but it’s wrong. What is it? It’s a paradox. All faeries are paradoxical in some way. They don’t easily fall into any one category. All good, or all bad just isn’t what they are about, but this is slightly different. This faerie shows up when something is, as an example, good but bad at the same time, and in equal parts. Have you ever been in a situation where you know that something is right thing to do, but if you do it, it will absolutely be the wrong thing to do? Confusing isn’t it? This is a time to stop and really, really, pay attention. Look for signs. Examine your feelings, your intuition, your hunches and proceed from there.

The Queen of Laughter 

Art of Joy / Lightness / Fun 

Quick message: She is always ready to leap joyously into a situation, grinning mischievously and fluttering her lovely wings as she lands in your soup, on your clean shirt, or in your very serious thoughts. She’s out to have fun and she wants you to come with her. A sense of joy and fun can do more good than almost anything else in most situations. Wherever this queen goes, she spreads joy, and when you travel with her you can’t help but spread it, too.

The Rox 

Manipulation / Neediness / Make and Effort 
Quick message: The poor Rox - always ill. Sniffles, aches and pains, a slight temperature - he just can’t gather the energy to help himself but he always has enough energy to get you to help him. Do you know someone like this? This person is a master of manipulation. He can get you to do anything for him because he uses guilt as a finely honed tool. It’s very difficult to say no to someone as needy as this person appears to be, but every once in a while try saying that you just can’t do whatever it is he’s asking of you. This may come as a shock to the Rox, he isn’t used to be denied anything, but it will begin to restore the balance in your relationship. If you recognize yourself in the Rox, think about the reasons you ask other people to do things for you that you are perfectly capable of doing. Is it the desire to control a person or situation, or do you really need help?

The Maiden 

First Love / Wonder / Endless Possibilities 

Quick message: Always in that magic state between girlhood and womanhood, the Maiden lives in the place where everything is possible. Love and romance are her lifeblood, and where she walks in Faerie, romance blossoms and love flowers in her wake. No matter what our age or sex, we must honour the Maiden and acknowledge her in our lives and relationships. When the Maiden appears, take the time to remember how you felt when you first fell in love. Remember and take some of that wonder and sense of endless possibility with you on your continuing journey.

The Lord of the Forest 

Eternal Masculine / Action / Strength 

Quick message: Masculine energy is something that we have as part of our basic energy makeup. It doesn’t matter if we are male or female, we all have masculine energy within us. It is the driving force that gets us to do things. We need it to function in the human world, to do every day tasks, and to move forward with vision and strength. If the Lord of the Forest appears in your reading, it is a sign that it is important to do something. You have been dreaming, now act upon your dreams. In a relationship, take the lead. Tell your partner what is important to you. Actions speak, and to keep the masculine and feminine in balance, now is the time to act.

The Captive Man 

False Perceptions / Enthrallment / Release from Captivity 

Quick message: The Captive Man says a lot about the darker nature of Faerie. Faerie women, especially Faerie Queens, have always desired human male companionship and they aren’t particular about how they go about getting it. The Captive Man is blinded by “Faerie Glamour” and cannot see his way clear of the entanglement he is trapped in. Men and women can be trapped by false perceptions. We easily become enamoured of something or someone that is not what it appears to be. If the Captive man appears, we must ask for clear sight. When we finally “see” the truth, we can begin to free ourselves from those harmful ties. Conversely, we may be the captor, imprisoning a person or an idea, when we should be giving it freedom. By releasing a thought or a person from captivity, we give it the space to truly become what it needs to be and we often find that it stays with us.

The Queen of Bedlam 

Responsibilities of Partnership / Frustration / Gift of Sanity 

Quick message: Who is the Queen of Bedlam? What is her purpose? It may not be a complicated or extreme as it appears. She is an everyday queen. A queen of day-to-day life - the keeper of the little things that when added together become a madness of sorts. Have you ever been doing something very ordinary, something you’ve done a thousand times, when suddenly it seems that if you do this one particular thing one more time, you’ll go mad? When the feeling of “I’m going mad” sweeps over you at these times the Queen of Bedlam has decided to visit. She comes to take the feelings of total frustration - of just not being able to continue living with any sanity at all - and envelops them in her immense capacity to embrace everyday madness. It is her reason for existing, so give generously of your small neuroses. She’ll take care of them and leave you sane, to face another day.

The Question 

Intention / Dialogue / Answers 

Quick message: In Faerie, questions are very important. Questions, answers, and wishes, all of those things that help or hinder us on our journey are very much a part of our relationship with Faerie. “Who am I? What is your quest? Why have you come here, and what do you seek?” are questions often asked by individuals you meet in Faerie. They don’t as often ask who you are. It is more important for you to discover who they are. Are you a tourist, just looking around? Are you on a quest, a journey of the spirit? Do you want knowledge? Are you looking for love? Are you searching for something you have lost? If you draw the Question in a reading, try to answer those questions for yourself. When you have answered, you can ask one of your own. What is that question, ad of whom are you asking it? If you are clear about your quest (in Faerie and in life) and what you seek, you will then be able to ask the right questions and be ready to hear the answers.