Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Daily Divination Cards - Wednesday 4th July 2012

Hi and "Happy 4th of July!" to all my readers in America :)

It's just another ordinary week day here in the UK - another grey, drizzly day - although the sun appears to be trying to break through the clouds...

Has anyone else found that the July full moon has stirred things up a bit? I've had quite an emotionally tough 24 hours... so I thought I would do a search on the effects this particualr full moon's energies and found a very interesting and relevant article.

Here is an excerpt - click on the title to go to the full article - I would be interested to know if you are dealing with similar issues?

Full Moon Psychic Energy Reading July 2012 

"The energy of this period strongly encourages communication and nurturing of self first.

It really is your personal responsibility to speak up for yourself, especially because no one can know what is best for You better that You. Taking the time to make yourself clear might seem to get in the way when You are busy with everyday physical things. If You do not stand up for those things that bring You joy and peace of mind, then You do not allow room for spiritual inspiration and truth to come to the forefront.

Communicating is very important if You are choosing freedom. Freedom in emotional, mental physical and spiritual levels comes from the clarity and willingness to share what is important to You."

I found another site which looks very interesting too and I will explore it later, when I have more time, but here's a link if you'd like to check it out yourself -

My own personal card for today is really relevant as well... and I hope the message for your star is just as meaningful for you too!

Whatever your star sign - have a good day:)

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the
 Atlantis Cards 

by Diana Cooper

Quoted from the pack: "The myth of the magical world of Atlantis has fascinated people for centuries: the spiritually highly evolved inhabitants of the Golden Atlantis revered and honoured every aspect of the natural world, recognising that everyone and everything is a part of the Source. From this respectful position they lead lives full of grace, compassion and love for each other.

Diana Cooper has magnificently captured and put to use the positive vibrations of the Atlantean time in this new card set richly illustrated by Damian Keenan. They can provide insights and inspiration for our life path, highlighting our strengths and helping us to work with our weaknesses in the best possible way."

My personal card for today:


In Golden Atlantis, the people focused on the delight of the moment. They lived in the ‘now’ so there were no tenses or words for past or future. Because every feeling and thought contributes to creating the future, the Atlanteans automatically built one that was happy and benign. Furthermore, because they were emotionally present for other people, everyone felt acknowledged and cared for.

Live in the now. Your guidance is to be fully present, emotionally as well as physically, for yourself and others today. The past is gone and churning about it is wasted energy. The future is yet to be written for you manifest it with your current thoughts. Make sure your mind-focus is positive and constructive,

Remain aware at all times.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:

Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!

Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...


Quick message: Roots. If you draw this card you are guided to strengthen your connection with 'home', which may mean meditating on your stellar origins. Alternatively, it may suggest that you explore your background and ancestral heritage. You may even need to put down more roots to enhance your feeling of belonging.

Deepen your roots to create a solid foundation.

Quick message: If you chose this card you may be presented with a challenge or responsibility. Accept it and do it graciously to the very best of your ability. It doesn't matter if you fail or succeed. participate with all your heart and soul in whatever life presents you.

Aim to do your best.

Quick message: Being. Your guidance is to stop doing and striving. Forget about tomorrow. Just still your mind, and be in the now. In this quiet time, contemplate the wonders of life and appreciate all that you do have, including the opportunity for life on earth.

Enlightenment is being in Oneness.


Quick message: Abundance. Gratitude is the purest form of prayer and is a key to abundance. Your guidance is to count your blessings and give thanks for that which you wish to receive as if you already have it.

Show thanks by the way you live your life.


Quick message: Potential. You are reminded that you have enormous, untapped, spiritual and psychic powers. By relaxing deeply you can start to activate your cellular knowledge and bring back the wisdom you held in Atlantis. Your guidance is to access this potential. Find time and space to become quiet and still so that you can remember who you truly are.

Relax and tune into your potential.


Quick message: Order and consequences. This card reminds you that you live in an ordered Universe where there is consequence for all your thoughts, words and actions. Change your beliefs, understandings and patterns. Watch your thoughts and concentrate on wholesome ones to create the life you want.

Change your life by following the Spiritual laws.



Quick message: Cosmic help. Your guidance is to call on the Great Cosmic Pool of energy for it is now time to manifest your dreams. Only negative thoughts can hold you back, so call in the Violet Flame to dissolve them. Move forward now.

The Cosmos is ready to help you.


Quick message: Leadership. If you pick this card, it suggests that you take command of your life and demonstrate who you really are. You are called upon to exercise your leadership qualities, to act with integrity, to take clear, wise decisions and to empower others for the highest good of all.

Lead with strength and wisdom.

WATER (2 days in a row!)

Quick message: Purification. Your guidance is to spend time today near water, preferably by a river, lake, or the sea, or in a bath or shower. As you immerse yourself in the cosmic energy, sense it purifying each cell of your body.

Use water for deep inner and outer cleansing. - 100% Free Dating


Quick message: Intuition. This is the card of feminine power and wisdom. Do not rely on logic or rational thought at this time. If you chose the High Priestess, you are called on to use your intuition and psychic gifts. You are reminded to work with total integrity and compassion.

Access your wisdom and listen to your intuition.

Quick message: Wisdom and joy. This card suggests that you live lightly and wisely, bringing joy, fun and laughter into your life. You are also guided to develop your healing abilities, serving your fellow humans and the planet.

Serve with wisdom and joy.


Quick message: Quiet contemplation. Receiving this card indicates that you are called on to spend some time in contemplation or meditation. Remember that you can more readily access your inner wisdom where it is silent.

Be still and access your inner wisdom.