Sunday, 12 April 2015

Divination Cards - for the Week beginning Monday 13th April 2015


It's been such a long time since I last did the cards for you - and for that do I apologise - but I have experienced a lot of upheaval in my life over the past few months and while adjusting to all the changes, I wasn't really in the right frame of mind to do the Daily Divinations.

I am now a single lady again after my 3 year relationship ended on Valentine's Day - not the best Valentine's Day ever - as you can imagine...

I had thought I was going to grow old with the man who I believed loved me, as much as I loved him - so the future I had been expecting, and looking forward to, was snatched away - leaving me heartbroken, bewildered and emotionally fragile.

I put on a brave face - but I found it difficult to cope - I was in a dark place for a while.

However, with the love and support of my wonderful family and by having focused my thoughts and efforts - and every waking hour - on ways to pay my bills and keep my roof over my head (!) I am almost out the other side now - a much stronger person - and thankfully, things are starting to look much better for me. I am feeling much more positive about the possibilities ahead of me.

One of the biggest things that has happened, partially as result of the change in my circumstances, although I had begun looking into it in December, is that I have gone in a new direction with my career!

I am now designing T shirts, almost full time!

It's like a dream come true for me, because when I was a young teenager I dreamed of being a fashion designer - and this is sort of the same!

Although I have had lots of my designs on Zazzle for a several years, it was frustrating because Zazzle's prices are quite high and as a designer I only received a small royalty when one of my designs sold.

In December I discovered Teespring and Fabrily - and started doing T Shirt campaigns - which was great, except if there are not enough orders and you dont reach your campaign goal, the t-shirts don't get printed and people are disappointed...

Last week I took the next step and opened my own 'Print On Demand' T-Shirt Store! Now people can order the T-Shirts from my store (and mugs too), which are then printed by a company in the US and shipped direct to my customers. I can offer each design on different style shirts, in lots of colours and sizes, and keep the prices lower than on Zazzle.

It's very early days - I have lots more designs ready to add to my store and even more ideas in my head!

I feel that this opportunity was 'Goddess sent' - at a time when I was in desperate need - and I am SO grateful to the PTB! (Powers that be!)

Please visit my website at if you'd like to see what I've been doing. I shall share some of my stuff here too - like this one - my Midnight Margaritas Shirt!

 * * * * * * *

Well now that I have brought you up-to-date - let's get to the cards!

Because I am still running my ebay and amazon stores, as well as creating new t-shirts, my time is now very limited. (For the past few weeks I haven't been getting to bed until 1-2am most nights!) I cannot commit to doing the cards every day - it's just too much pressure and causes me too much stress.

However, I have decided to do a weekly blog instead!

I will post a card for each of the star signs at the beginning of each week. These cards are messages for you, giving insights into your week ahead and the themes and situations in your life which may arise and which you may need to pay attention to.

I hope that you find your messages relevant and helpful.

Please find your card and message for the week beginning Monday 13th April below, and whatever your star sign - have a great week :)

Brightest Blessings, Kaz

This week I am using the
Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Quoted from the pack: "The goddesses are angelic, powerful, loving beings who want to help you with every part of your life. In this set of oracle cards by Doreen Virtue, you'll learn who the different cross-cultural goddesses are and how they can help you. Each card gives a specific message about how you can improve your life, health, relationships, finances, career, and spiritual path. The gorgeous artwork on each card depicts Kuan Yin, Laksmi, Brigit, Isis and Athena; as well as goddesses Celtic, Mayan, Egyptian, Greek, Tibetan, Buddhist and other traditions.

The accompanying guide book helps you to give accurate readings for yourself, your loved ones, and your clients. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned pro, you'll find that working with the goddesses brings Divine magic into your life."

This week's cards for each of the star signs:

Here are your messages and insights for this week. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...


RHIANNON - Sorceress

“You are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality.”

Message from Rhiannon: "A large part of my power stems from my connection to animals and nature. If you've been indoors too long, you can recapture your personal power by simply stepping outside. This simple motion will do you a world of good in reawakening your sleeping, magical, spiritual nature.

Allow the light of the sun, moon, and the stars to stir ancient memories that may be dormant. Recall the times of your magical abilities, and then put them to use immediately for the good of the entire planet. Resume the mission that was once aborted through the misdeeds of past-time leaders. Take up your spiritual arms and move with swift speed into the night, awakening one and all to the magic that is life itself. This is a mission that must be accomplished, and you're the one who can help us with it."

Various meanings of this card: Have absolute faith that your dream is manifested * Make a clear decision * Put your energy into manifesting your dreams * Know that you deserve to receive good * When you win, others win too * Keep your thoughts focused on your desire and away from fear.

 * * * * * * *


DIANA - Focused Intention

“Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings and actions focused on your target, and you will make your mark.”

Message from Diana: “Tenacity means sticking to a decision and not allowing outside forces to sway you.

Imagine yourself to be like a mighty oak tree, with our roots, deeply planted into Mother Earth. Feel your solid strength and steady upward growth. Know that, no matter what happens, you will succeed! Your branches may twist and turn as you flex toward the light, yet your unwavering intentions will ensure that no faint wind will sway you from your mission.

Be in charge of your body, your schedule, and your mind, and keep them focused upon your target!”

Various meanings of this card: Stay positive * Know what your priorities are and take action on them * Take control of your schedule * Avoid nay-sayers and skeptics.

 * * * * * * *


MARY MAGDALENE - Unconditional Love

“Love yourself, others and every situation - no matter what the outward appearances may be.”

Message from Mary Magdalene: “I’m not what most people think, yet to defend myself would be to sink to a lower level than I feel comfortable with. I am one with the Divine, just as you are, and it is here I choose to reside. The lower levels of human bickering, judgement, and chaos are just that: lower levels.

I choose to do my work from the level of the higher consciousness, where love reigns supreme. It’s here where the most good can be done, and I urge you to do the same. Where you dwell in consciousness is where you truly dwell. So focus your thoughts on the good things that you can find in people and rise above all appearances otherwise.”

Various meanings of this card: Don’t worry what others think or say * Heal this situation with love * Send love to those who have hurt or misjudged you * Forgive yourself for what you think you’ve done or not done * Release old unforgiveness toward others to help yourself heal and move on.

 * * * * * * *

ARTEMIS - Guardian

“You and your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected.”

Message from Artemis: “Like me, you have a sacred mission to spread love and light. Yet this isn’t a position that comes from tension or worry. Instead, the gentle essence of a joyful heart and light-hearted laughter sets your power into motion.

Why would there be any tension in your mind or system unless you believed that you were somehow unsafe? And how could you be unsafe, when you’ve called upon the spiritual warriors to watch over you?

Your prayers have activated the flawless protection of heaven. So, ease your mind of all cares and concerns, and concentrate instead upon your holy mission.”

Various meanings of this card: The angels are watching over you and your family * Your future is safe and secure * All your needs are being met and always will be * The worst is now behind you.

 * * * * * * *


PELE - Divine Passion

“Be honest with yourself: What is your heart’s true desire?”

Message from Pele: “If you listen to the sound of your heart and breath, you’ll recognize the ancient rhythms of your own internal drumming. This forever connects you to the Mother of all creation, and to the sound of planet Earth. These rhythms can’t be faked or forged; they’re natural and eternal.

What part of you are you trying to ignore? What part of you has been overly concerned with pleasing others, to the detriment of hearing the sounds of your own rhythm? Dear child, reach out and extend your arms to embrace your dreams. They’re just as much a part of nature as are the trees, animals and sunsets. Don’t your own dreams deserve the same respect that you accord everyone and everything that you love? Listen to them, my child. Listen to your dreams. They’ll activate the powerful eruption of passion in your life.

Don’t be afraid of your own passion, for it will propel you naturally and will excite and invigorate you. When you dance to the rhythms of your life, you’re truly alive in all ways!”

Various meanings of this card: Make sure your career matches your true interests * Take a class or start a hobby that really excites you * Change jobs * Go on a wonderful trip * Invest time and money in manifesting your dreams * Give yourself permission to go for it * Start a new business * Make an honest assessment of how you spend you time * List your priorities.

 * * * * * * * 

SULIS - Bodies of water

“Spend time near water, such as a lake, river, or the ocean, to recharge your batteries.”

Message from Sulis: “Water’s curative effects are well known and well documented. Since the human body is composed almost entirely of water, this makes sense.

Water can wash away sadness, pain, and the ill effects of suffering. Engage in purification rituals involving water more often, and you’ll experience an uplifting of your spirit and outlook. Water's magical properties are amplified when you infuse it with your prayers and intentions.

Whether you soak in a sea-salt bath, or bathe in a freshwater spring, you’re sure to see the difference water will make.”

Various meanings of this card: Go for a meditative walk near water * Take a vacation near the ocean * Move to a home closer to a body of water * Swim * Take a sea salt bath to detox your energetic and physical body * Drink more water.

 * * * * * * *

SEKHMET - Be Strong

“You are stronger than you think you are, and your strength assures a happy outcome.”

Message from Sekhmet: “See yourself as strong and victorious. Don’t complain about anything. Don’t blame anyone or any condition. You’re the embodiment of strength not victim-hood.

 As you rise above the old tendencies and see yourself in a new light of beautiful feminine strength, your life will automatically shift in miraculous ways. You’ll attract new opportunities, forms of abundance, and relationships to help manifest your highest potential.

Being strong means seeing yourself in the most favourable light you can imagine. Be real, allow yourself to feel genuine emotions, but most of all, be strong.”

Various meanings of this card: Don’t underestimate yourself * Don’t yield to pressure or temptation * Avoid complaining or indulging in negative thinking * Engage in weight training exercises to make your body stronger.

 * * * * * * *

ABUNDANTIA - Prosperity

“The universe is pouring its abundance out to you. Be open to receiving.”

Message from Abundantia: “Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. You are very powerful, and I’m here to support your growing power.

It’s right for you to receive this help, as we function as a team. I’ve heard your prayers, worries and affirmations. I’m pouring my cornucopia of prosperity upon you now, so expect unforeseen windfalls and gifts.

Notice the new ideas, feelings and visions within you. This guidance gives you clear direction about actions to take in conjunction with my assistance. Together we’re unstoppable!

Various meanings of this card: be open to receiving * A new windfall of money is coming to you * You have nothing to worry about * Your new venture will be financially successful * Visualize and affirm abundance * Abundance comes to you in many ways, including extra time, support and ideas.

 * * * * * * *

WHITE TARA - Sensitivity

“You are becoming increasingly sensitive. Avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations, and chemicals.”

Message from White Tara: “As you’ve purified your inner world of thoughts, actions, and intentions, it’s natural that you seek purity in your outer world as well. This is to acknowledge your heightened sensitivity, which is as real as it seems!

You’ve styripped away the outer defences, which blocked your psychic and spiritual awareness. Now you’re on the path os ascension, which calls for your heightened awareness. And with this awareness comes new levels of sensitivity to the impure and harsh.

Your body is a trustworthy instrument of measurement of your tolerance level. Steer clear of that which your body signals you to avaoid. Take excellent care of your body, and it shall serve you well!”

Various meanings of this card: Acknowledge and honor your sensitivity * Take steps to protect yourself from negativity * Avoid chemicals * Steer clear of situations where there’s loud noise, crowds, violent media, and other triggers.

 * * * * * * *

SEDNA - Infinite Supply

“You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows.”

Message from Sedna: “This is an abundant universe, filled with more than enough for everyone. Yet, the energy format of this planet is about polarities. In this instance, it’s about giving and receiving.
The key is to balance the two.

If you only give, you’ll feel drained, resentful and experience lack. If you only receive, you won’t enjoy what you have. Balance comes from fearlessly giving as you’re guided, and then receiving with joy and gratitude. It’s exactly like breathing: Both the inhale and the exhale are identically important.

Practice giving and receiving daily, and you’ll never want for anything.”

Various meanings of this card: Don’t worry about the future * Know that you’ll always have enough to eat * Your needs will always be provided for * Spend time at the ocean * Swim with the dolphins * Move to a beach or island community * Go swimming, sailing, or surfing * Give time or money to a cause that protects the ocean *

 * * * * * * *

DAMARA - Guiding Children

“You are good at helping, counselling, and healing children. Use your skills to help children now.

Message from Damara: “One can be gentle and a fierce protector simultaneously. My vigilant focus on keeping harmony within households stems from my desire for children to maintain their youthful awe and sense of wonder.

How else will we ensure that they’ll see and speak with fairies? How else will we foster the continuation of children’s healing laughter?

Join me in guiding the children, and you’ll see you own imagination sparked by these amazing young beings. Your own enthusiasm and youthful spirit attracts the children’s respect and attention. I’ll lead you toward young people who can benefit from your help.”

Various meanings of this card: Spend time with, or have a heart-to-heart talk with your own children * Get into a career involved with helping kids * Volunteer with young people * Know that children will be coming into your life soon * You will be a parent * Take care of your own inner child through play and laughter.

 * * * * * * *

NEMETONA - Sacred Space

“Create an altar or visit a power place to connect with the Divine.”

Message from Nemetona: “Your sacred space is within you now. By creating an altar or visiting a sacred site, you connect with the symbols and energy that have been infused with meaning and prayer over the centuries. Don’t take these symbols lightly, for they’re powerful indeed.

When you connect with sacred symbols, you help your inner sanctity find a home in the outer world. You also tap in to the ancient wisdom and spiritual grace of the old ways.

Explore your spirituality through sacred symbols and sites. Allow your soul to joyfully meander among the various ways available to you to unite with the Divine. It’s not a matter of how you connect, but that you do so frequently.”

Various meanings of this card: Build an altar in your home * Take a spiritually oriented trip * You need a quiet place of refuge and retreat for yourself * Create a medicine circle or labyrinth * Walk the labyrinth * Clear the energy in your home with sage, prayer, toning, invoking Archangel Michael, or other space clearing methods.

 * * * * * * *