Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Daily Divination Cards - Wednesday 19th February 2014

Good morning!

I am so sorry for not being able to do the cards yesterday - I have had a very 'trying' couple of days with major computer problems, internet connection problems and general... PROBLEMS!

(Damn you Mercury Retrograde!!)

I have been a victim of 'Click Jacking' on my Paypal account (at least that's what they think) and I had to cancel my bank card, etc., although, thankfully no funds have been taken from my bank account, or my Paypal account.

I have no idea how it happened and have been using Paypal for 15 years. I'd never seen or heard of this before - it's a big worry and I have never worried about the security of paypal until now, because I know what to do and what not to do (not to click on links in emails, etc).

The most scary thing is that I typed the Paypal url into my browser and logged into the paypal site - I was actually in the paypal site and able to transfer money to my bank account, I was able to request money, send invoices, etc, but I wasn't able to access the 'my account' or 'overview' tabs - that's when I was asked to veryify my bank details. The URL was secure (https) and I was logged in to paypal! I had no reason to suspect anything was wrong :(

I am still trying to sort things out, get my pc fully protected, etc., and not getting anywhere very fast... but I thought I should take a break from all that frustration - and do the blog and messages instead...

One good thing happened yesterday though - my new mobile phone upgrade arrived and I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous green iPhone5c!

I love it!

This is a pic of the green iphone 5c - and the new case that I have designed and ordered for it.

Hope the case doesn't take too long to arrive from Society6! (They are in the USA)

I'm like a kid with a new toy :)

However, I have no time to play at the moment - because it's time to get on with the cards and then back to McAfee Tech support.... and I have orders to make too!

Please find your message for Wednesday below and whatever your star sign - I hope you have a problem-free day :)

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the  
Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards
by Collette Baron-Reid

Quoted from the pack: "The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid is a 52 card divination system - an inspirational tool to bridge the unseen world of Spirit and the physical world of our day-to-day lives. Based on the rich mythology of ancient Britain's Isle of Avalon and the wisdom teachings of its priestesses, these cards (and the accompanying guidebook) will help you find valuable and powerful insights in all aspects of life as you chart your path and manifest your destiny with clarity and purpose."

My personal card for today:

THE GRAIL KNIGHT - romance, illusion, seeking the sacred.

Romance, and the seeking of that which is sacred - such are the missions of the Grail Knight. He represents the coming together of all elements to form perfect life through a union of heaven and earth; or he signifies a romantic union of lover with lover.

In the beginning of all relationships, there’s a time when everything is perfect. One seeks out the discovery of love in the treasures of the other, all the while holding up a mirror in which beauty and perfection are reflected. There is both truth and illusion.

When the Grail Knight appears, he lets you know that your own beauty, perfection, and innermost desires may be reflected in the mirror that is held up by the love of another. Indeed, love is in the air. Perhaps it’s also a time for you to fall in love with yourself. If you don’t , you run the risk of attracting the same affirmation from the outside world. Love attracts love. Be love and you will find love.

A gentle warning: Light cannot exist without shadow, so don’t be fooled by the illusion of perfection. Be willing to see the shadow, and ask for honesty. Then you can never be disappointed. This is a fortunate omen.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:
Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!

Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...

THE LADY OF THE LAKE - absolute truth, courage, self-respect, responsibility.

Quick reading: The Lady of the Lake represents the highest order of respect for yourself and the manner in which you operate in the world around you. She demands nothing short of total truth and integrity; she asks you to be mindful of all the signs, signals and omens that present themselves to you. Seek the sword of truth within yourself and great success will be yours. Have courage for the strength of Avalon is behind you in support of your quest for wholeness and abundance.

THE WATER FAERY - feelings and emotions

Quick reading: If you're happy right now, enjoy, for the Water Faery swirls her love around you. If things are making you sad, she comes to wash away your tears. The Water Faery knows the power of emotions, so when she appears, be mindful of them and how they affect you. Remember, feelings are the fuel for manifesting. Be certain that you want to create what you're feeling. Allow your feelings to pass through and focus on the positive.

THE BARD - music, poetry, myth, history, the enchantment of storytelling

Quick reading: When the Bard appears, you're asked to seek answers in your personal history. Go back into your own story and find the threads of the patterns in your reality, and trace their length to the present. Perhaps you'll be surprised by how much of your past, or that of your ancestors, still weaves its influence on you today.

THE FROG - cleaning house, releasing emotional baggage.

Quick reading: It's time to clean house and get rid of the clutter in your environment, your head, and your heart. Move out any objects, thoughts, or relationships that hold you back. It’s time to get rid of anything that clutters your life or space with unwanted burdensome energy, or anything that weighs heavily on your heart. It's time to release all things no longer appropriate to bring on your journey. Allow new and fresh energy to enter your world.

Quick reading: This marker portends a time of transformation, a total change of attitude, the death of the old. No matter how death presents itself, it is a necessary aspect of all things. Always remember the phoenix that rises up out of its own ashes to soar in the in the wind, renewed, filled with life. Take courage, for in surrendering to death, in time you will be blessed with extraordinary new life. Endings always point to new fresh beginnings.

THE KING - man, authority, male sexual energy, things pertaining to the law, justice.

Quick reading: The King appears to represent powers of justice, authority, the law, and male sexual energy. When the King appears on your path, it’s time to put your house in order, complete any unresolved legal issues and deal with issues related to fairness. The King always lets you know that something significant is yours to experience and learn from.

THE OWL - deception, wisdom.

Quick reading: The Owl lends you eyes that you need in order to see in the dark around you. Watch for deception by others. Be honest with yourself and snap out of any lies and denial inside you. All is well with the Owl to guide you. Deep wisdom into human nature is gained through the ability to recognize untruths. Owl is an important and powerful ally.

Quick reading: You’re put on notice to seek connection in all things. When you receive the blessings of Partnership on this part of your journey, it's a sign that the object of your inquiry may indeed give you what you need. It's a portent of opportunity, where the partnership exceeds the potential of the individual. It's a very auspicious omen.

THE STAG - pride, leadership

Quick reading: Take pride in all you do. Be the leader and hold your head high and others will follow by your example. Always ask yourself "what is the highest good for all?" The Stag leads you into the kind of pride that reminds you that you’re always in service to the God/Goddess in every step you take. You may already be there, in which case you should be proud and happy. Look how far you’ve come! Rejoice, for the Stag always leads you to a higher place with a sure and steady footing.

THE CAT - independence, healthy boundaries

Quick reading: The Cat reminds you of independence and to set healthy boundaries. Love with freedom - do not look to own what you desire, for too much attachment can lead to loss. On this leg of your journey, you will emerge safe and sound. Live freely, love without unhealthy attachment, and remember that with the Cat as your companion, you may fully immerse yourself in life, for there will be many more lives to come.

THE MERLIN - alchemy, justice, balance

Quick reading: The Merlin is the messenger of initiation and alchemy and is both the Magician and the High Priest. The Merlin says "You have all you need to move forward. Rejoice that all the elements you require for success are indeed present!" You are given notice that, when it comes to your life and it’s purpose, the magical aspect of the Merlin can be summoned to help you find an answer within you. Remember, all signs and omens sent by the Merlin are but reflections of that which is within you already.

THE BEE - luck, industriousness, sweet victory.

Quick reading: With hard work and a firm commitment to building your dream, a sweet outcome is assured. The Bee is a symbol of luck, so expect miracles and your life will be victorious and sweet. The Bee is an industrious, busy creature that’s always making honey. The Bee “gets busy,” and that honey will soon be yours. The Bee is always a fortunate omen.

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