Thursday, 6 February 2014

Daily Divination Cards - Thursday 6th February 2014

Good morning!

We had some lovely news yesterday and the family are celebrating - as we found out that my son and his fiancée are expecting a little boy!

Boys are quite rare in our family - I had 3 daughters before I had Tom. My childrens' cousins were all girls - and my daughter, Lucy, had a girl too - my beautiful grandaughter Gabriella (who will be 4 on Valentine's Day!) so, as you can imagine we are all rather excited that a baby boy is on the way :)

He is due at the end of June - so it looks as though we could have another Cancerian in the family - unless he comes early!

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Back down to earth now though, I'd better get on and make some orders!

Please find your card and message for Thursday below and whatever your star sign - have a wonderful day :)

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the
 Atlantis Cards

by Diana Cooper

Quoted from the pack: "The myth of the magical world of Atlantis has fascinated people for centuries: the spiritually highly evolved inhabitants of the Golden Atlantis revered and honoured every aspect of the natural world, recognising that everyone and everything is a part of the Source. From this respectful position they lead lives full of grace, compassion and love for each other.

Diana Cooper has magnificently captured and put to use the positive vibrations of the Atlantean time in this new card set richly illustrated by Damian Keenan. They can provide insights and inspiration for our life path, highlighting our strengths and helping us to work with our weaknesses in the best possible way."

My personal card for today:


Full meaning: In Golden Atlantis, a trained priest would examine a child’s aura to discover his or her inborn gifts and talents, which were then developed. The learning temples were peaceful, quiet places where relaxation was induced by appropriate music and colour to open the right brain of the student. Then the priest would telepathically impart spiritual knowledge directly into his or her mind. He or she could also absorb information directly into the third eye from certain crystals, into which higher priests or the Magi had programmed specific information.

Learn or teach. 

Drawing this card suggests that you open yourself to new learnings by relaxing and absorbing information rather than in the old, logical, structured way. Alternatively, it may be time for you to teach others. In this case, draw from your own wisdom, not books.

Open up to learn. Then spread the knowledge.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:
Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!

Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...


Quick message: Concentration. Your guidance is to watch your thoughts carefully today for an undisciplined mind can be influenced by others and creates chaos. A positively-focused mind is a tool for powerful leadership.

Concentrate the power of your mind for good.

Quick message: There are many ways of seeing with your inner vision. You may physically see pictures on your inner screen, you may sense you 'know'. It is time to develop your third eye and trust your intuition.

Trust your inner vision and knowing.


Quick message: Cosmic help. Your guidance is to call on the Great Cosmic Pool of energy for it is now time to manifest your dreams. Only negative thoughts can hold you back, so call in the Violet Flame to dissolve them. Move forward now.

The Cosmos is ready to help you.

Quick message: Keep your life in balance. Your guidance is to find equilibrium in every area of your life. Make sure you give and receive equally and keep your work and play in balance.

Balance every area of your life.


Quick message: Togetherness. What can you share today? It may be your friendship, your time or something more tangible. Receiving this card guides you to give away anything you no longer need. It also suggests that you co-operate with others for the greater good. Be generous-hearted and your rewards from the Universe will be great.

Co-operate in a vision greater than yourself.

Quick message: Leadership. If you pick this card, it suggests that you take command of your life and demonstrate who you really are. You are called upon to exercise your leadership qualities, to act with integrity, to take clear, wise decisions and to empower others for the highest good of all.

Lead with strength and wisdom.


Quick message: Quiet contemplation. Receiving this card indicates that you are called on to spend some time in contemplation or meditation. Remember that you can more readily access your inner wisdom where it is silent.

Be still and access your inner wisdom.


Quick message: Roots. If you draw this card you are guided to strengthen your connection with 'home', which may mean meditating on your stellar origins. Alternatively, it may suggest that you explore your background and ancestral heritage. You may even need to put down more roots to enhance your feeling of belonging.

Deepen your roots to create a solid foundation.


Quick message: Be harmless. If you draw this card, your guidance is to connect with an animal today. Consider what you are learning from it and maintain an attitude of harmlessness as you telepathically offer greetings. Stay open for a response, a message or a sense of connection, for an animal wishes to communicate something that will help you.

Learn from animals and practise harmlessness.

Quick message: Your food. Your guidance is to watch what you eat for your physical body must be pure to enable you to carry more light for your pathway ahead. Simple, fresh, locally grown produce is the most effective in enhancing your cosmic energy.

Prepare your body for the work ahead.

Quick message: Satisfaction. This card suggests that it is time to experience a well-deserved feeling of satisfaction. Accept yourself as you are and acknowledge all your good qualities and gifts. Then breathe in quiet contentment.

Be content as you are.

Quick message: Purity. If you draw this card, the unicorns wish to connect with you. Find time to be quiet, preferably out in nature. Think about them and allow them to touch you with the qualities of dignity, love, beauty and grace. They may offer you healing or re-connect you to your soul essence. Remain open to a message from them today.

Be prepared for unicorn energy to touch you.

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