Monday, 7 October 2013

Daily Divination Cards - Monday 7th October 2013


It's Manic Monday and I don't know if I am coming or going!

Just popping in quickly to do today's cards - better late than never!

I am using the "Just for Today" version of the Medicine Cards this week - please click on the photo for more details :)

Please find your message from the animal guides below and whatever your star sign - have a good day :)

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the "Just for Today" version of the 

Medicine Cards

by Jamie Sams and David Carson

I have tried finding a link to The 'Just for Today' cards and can't find any, other than some listed on Amazon for an incredibly expensive price! (I don't understand how they can be so expensive, as my set was very reasonable, although I have had them for quite a few years...)

The Medicine Cards are wonderful and come in a boxed set with a book of layouts, instructions and the full meanings for each of the animal guides. I have the Medicine cards too, but it is easier for me to give you the 'Just for Today' messages!

My personal card for today:

Beaver - Make today count. 
Build toward manifesting your dreams and goals.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:
These are your messages from the animal guides for today! Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from and/or act upon its message...

Horse - Honor your Medicine 

Stand tall. Use your talents. Own who you are becoming.

Fox - Blend in 

Avoid being the centre of attention. Become protective when needed.

Otter - Laugh at your antics 

Balance work and play. Reclaim vulnerability.

Crow - Focus on the positive 

Detach from negativity. See opportunity in every challenge.

Wolf - Find new paths and options 

Break through. Be a role model. Share your inner knowing.

Grouse - Find your rhythm 

Honor the synchronicity. Spiral into your potential.

Snake - Transmute all poisons 

Shed the skin of the past. Honor the change in progress.

Opossum - Have a plan 

Use common sense. Honor the strategy that works best for you.

Dog - Be loyal to yourself 

Be true to others. Bolster your integrity.

Frog - Bring in the rain 

Tears cleanse your feelings. Refill with well-being.

Antelope - Time to respond 

Take Action. No procrastinating. Decide and do it NOW.

Whale - Acknowledge your mission 

Trust your path. Become your chosen destiny.

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