Monday, 11 June 2012

Daily Divination Cards - Monday 11th June 2012

Good morning!

I hope you had a good weekend? We had an enjoyable, fairly relaxed one, but over much too quickly...

I'm having problems with my computer today, which is slowing things up, and it's 'Manic Monday' - and I have received lots of orders over the weekend (for which I am very grateful). I now have a hectic day ahead of me, so it's straight on with the cards and messages for Monday - using the Cosmic Ordering Oracle Wish Cards as promised :)

Whatever your star sign - have a good and productive day!

Brightest Blessings,

This week I am using the
Cosmic Ordering Oracle Wish Cards
by Stephen Richards and Karen Whitelaw Smith

Quoted from the pack: "This guidance booklet will give you the meaning of the 44 pocket sized Cosmic Ordering Oracle Wish Cards. Use them in many different ways and learn to work with the energy of that card. Use the cards in your daily life to make a wish and watch it come true."

My personal card for today:


When you trust in yourself then others will trust you

Full meaning: Trust of Self is vital to a happy, successful life. Unless we trust our judgements and choices we cannot be in control of our own lives.

Trust your ability to say ‘no’ and feel as good as when you say ‘yes’. Trust yourself as a parent, partner or friend. The way you live your life is right for you. There are no rights or wrongs, only choices.
Trust that the Cosmic Order you make today will be delivered.

Today's cards for each of the star signs:
Due to lack of time, etc. These are the 'quick reading' messages - for the full reading and meaning of the cards you will need to obtain these cards for yourself - or get someone else to buy them for you as a gift!

Here are your messages and insights for today. Try to sit quietly for a few moments, meditate on your card and think about how you can learn from, and act upon, its message...


Wash away your worries

Have you been ignoring signs of overload in your body? Balance your physical body and clear your channel to the Cosmos. Drink more water to purify your system.  


Learn to forgive others

Forgiving someone who has wronged us is the hardest lesson the human spirit can learn. But it is a vital lesson. Without forgiveness, anger rages through our lives like a torrent, destroying everything in its path.


The best relationship you will have is with yourself.

Use the law of attraction today to manifest your perfect partner or improve an existing relationship. Visit a friend or family member you haven’t seen for a while. Show your appreciation of them.


It’s time to unleash the power within and set yourself free

Use self-relaxation to discover your Spiritual power, which means connecting to Infinite Energy; with it we can move mountains.


What do you really desire

Itemise your desires, making your order very specific. Make it official; put it in writing. Announce it to the waiting Universe. Crystallise your order with faith.


Learn to attract abundance

As we believe so we receive. Believe you are worthy, and place your Order today using positive language. - 100% Free Dating

Happiness comes from knowing who you are

Happiness is your birthright. Claim it today. Make the decision to be happy, regardless of circumstance.


Look deeper

Ask the Cosmos for a special indulgence today, something wonderful, just for you. Remember too that the Cosmos will only reward you if you are giving back to the Universe.

Spend time beside the water or relax in a warm bath

When we sit by the ocean our body relaxes, our spirit opens. Allow life’s flotsam to float away and let yourself flow with the tide.

Be truthful with yourself

Are you truthful with your dealings with others? Do you lie to protect your ego? Redefine your relationship with honesty today and watch your life transform.

Learn to relax and let go

Our health depends on balance. Relax. Drawing this card means you need to take time out. Open yourself to the energy of the Universe. Practice living in the Now.

Time to look at a new career path

Remember what you are on this earth to achieve. How can you align your work life with that goal? Reconnect with Spirit, asking to be shown the way forward. Through its guidance you will achieve the success you desire.